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We work with presbyteries, congregations, leadership teams and individuals – including ministers and pastors – to develop, resource and support effective ministry with children and their families.We do this by providing consultancy, advocacy, resourcing and training, with a particular focus on developing an intergenerational culture.We have a wide range of useful material, including resources for intergenerational ministry, general children and families ministry, Messy Church and coming events.On this page you will find a range of resources to assist you with your ministry or family setting, including our

  • Monthly updates
  • Notifications of events, programs or training
  • Information about the Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry
  • Resources for worship, mission and ministry based on the Lectionary (RCL), special days or themes
  • Particular resources for Child Safety, Mental Health and Trauma

While our new website is under development, a wealth of material is still available via the existing Children & Families ministry site. Click here to explore a range of resources and articles, including a vast array of ideas for development and implementation of a more intergenerational approach to ministry. For more information on any aspect of intergenerational ministry or ministry with children and their families, contact Chris Barnett (Intergenerational Ministry - Children and Families) at chris.barnett@victas.uca.org.au or on (03) 9340 8806. The UCA Children and Families Facebook page is also a good resource.

Each month, we publish a Children & Families Update, which contains resources and useful links. To receive these directly to your email each month, please e-mail Chris at chris.barnett@victas.uca.au.

For the latest update (and previous editions), click here.

Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry

July 7-9, 12-1                             Children and Families Ministry intensive

Nov 24-26, Nov 29-Dec 1      Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children

We support Australia’s only Children & Families Ministry-focused tertiary award – the Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry. Especially suitable for ministers, pastors, chaplains, religious education teachers and those in paid children & families or intergenerational roles, the two core units may also be taken as part of other awards. More information is available about the two units Children & Families Ministry: core issues in diverse contexts (starting in July 2021); and Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children (Starting in November 2021).

Upcoming 2021 Events


Apr 22                 Messy Discipleship Book Launch (On-line – 1.30pm AEST)

May 22                Stories of Childhood Playgroup/Pre-school Training (On-line – 2pm AEST)

May 24-26          Children’s Spirituality Summit/InterGenerate (On-line)

Jun 9                    Engage All Generations Book Launch (On-line – 11am AEST)

Jul 26-28             InterGenerate AUS (Sydney + On-line)

Aug 7                   Make it Messy! Conference

Sep 10-12            Leaders to Go (On-line + Hub model)

Year B (2020-2021)

Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May

Trinity Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

More Pentecost Ideas

Pentecost Season

  • Engage Together: Intergenerational Worship ideas for August to September, using the Lectionary (RCL) readings
  • Faith at Home: Exploring different Christian spiritual traditions as a household.