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Presbytery of Port Phillip West

Welcome to the website of the Presbytery of Port Phillip West!
These pages introduce who we are, how we work and how we can help you – and invite you to get involved.

Brief overview of the Presbytery

Our Presbytery covers a large part of the north and west of Melbourne, through Geelong as far as Lorne in the southwest and up to the Macedon Ranges in the north. It includes more than 70 congregations, schools and agencies. We are very diverse: large and small, city and country, single and multi-cultural, traditional and experimental.

For a great overview of our Presbytery, watch this video.  It was made in 2014, but it still gives a pretty good feel for what we’re doing.

For further details about who we are and how we work, use the menu on the left to explore this website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us by phone or email and ask!

Our mission strategy

In 2014 we adopted a 3-year strategy to encourage mission growth and transformation, both within and beyond existing congregations. After reviewing our progress, we are now well into our Regenerating the Church: 2021 Strategy. There’s so much happening around this strategy that we have a whole separate Regenerating the Church website, full of information, videos and other resources that we also invite you to check out!

Key contacts

The menu on the left includes a full list of Contacts, including all the congregations, schools and agencies. Some of the Presbytery leaders you’re most likely to need to contact are:


Presbytery Chairperson:
Rev Bruce Watson
Presbytery Secretary (for all general correspondence):
Heather Loader
Presbytery Treasurer:
Doug Whan
Mission Development Strategist:
Rev Linley Liersch
(0408 169 882)
Presbytery Minister
Rev Narelle Collas
(0481 563 882)
Presbytery Minister
Rev Jeanne Beale [Deacon]
(0432 284 279)
Reference person, Intercultural issues
Rev Temukisa Amituana’i-Vaeluaga
(0400 664 991)


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