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Spice Training 01 – UCA Councils

We’re joined by Rev Robin Yang to hear a bit about the various councils of the Uniting Church, and why we should care. The ‘next steps’ resources are listed below the video.   For more information about the presbyteries in…

Orygen Webinars – Youth Mental Health

Young people have told us – mental health, both their own & that of their peers, is their #1 concern. We must consider how we will respond, offer care, and ensure we do not cause further harm. We were delighted…

Introducing Spice

Spice is a new training option for volunteer youth leaders. Short videos, each focusing on a particular skill, issue or idea, that will add some spice to your ministry. Check out our host Bradon French explaining a little more.

Choosing Curriculum?

We appreciate that choosing curriculum for bible studies or youth groups is a constant challenge. Our team have some experience with many of the different resources available, and we always invite you to get in touch and we can have…

Find a youth group

Use the map below to find a church, youth group or camp. Your church not there? No worries. Click here, complete the form, and we’ll have you on the map within 24 hrs. Church info wrong? Send us an email…

Introducing Rev Robin Yang

What better way to meet Robin Yang, the new Young Adults Coordinator for UCA Vic/Tas, than tuning in to the latest episode of Work Experience Podcast. Robin shares his sense of call to ministry, his hopes for the future, and…

How has digital media affected youth ministry?

"Before social media, teenagers occasionally surrendered their phones during youth group. Today, a social media marketing strategy seems fundamental to developing and sustaining community."

Somers Camp 2019

Somers Camp is a Uniting Church camp run by the Port Philip East Presbytery for children in Years 3 to 9. The camp runs each year in the first week of the winter school holidays from Monday to Friday. They…

Get In Touch

Thanks for getting in touch. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, and we’re exciting about working together. Don’t forget to show your completed form submission to Chris, Robin or Bradon to redeem your prize.

How can we empower young leaders in our church?

“There is a gap between what we say and how we act. Empowering young leaders is a catchphrase we all use, yet when the opportunity presents, we are paralysed by our inherited understanding of leadership.”

Why youth work is like couples’ counselling

"Most of our young people express a disconnect between the internal workings of our church and our calling to worship, witness and serve. We must be willing to lay down parts of our inheritance to create space for new futures."

Let’s talk about gaming

It seems every news outlet wants to talk about Fortnite, the animated, multi-platform FREE battle-royal game permeating pop culture. This has lifted the lid again on the discussion on role, influence & ethics of video games amongst young people, and…

Digital Ministry 2.0

This episode welcomes our first co-host, Señor Molk. We chat pump-up songs & play a new game, By Now? Our guest is #pastorcaster Liam Miller, and we chat about the opportunities & realities of ministry blending digital & IRL spaces.…

The Diversity & Spirituality of Gen Z

Contemporary teenagers (Gen Z) are exposed to diversity in ways that are unprecedented, through social media, school and peers. How do they experience and understand religious, spiritual, gender and sexual diversity? How are their experiences mediated by where they go…

State Youth Games 2019

State Youth Games is an epic event run for high-schoolers. 4 days of sports, worship & community. June 7-10 in the middle of nowhere. Your church can form a team, or you can join with others to compete. All the…