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What training is required to become a Lay Preacher?

What do I need to study to become a Lay Preacher?

Ministry of Lay Preacher

The Uniting Church affirms the priesthood of all believers: that every member of the Church has gifts for service, and that all ministries have a part in the ministry of Christ. The Uniting Church provides for the exercise by men and women of the gifts God bestows upon them, including through specified ministries and the everyday vocations of Christian disciples in the world. (Basis of Union, par 13)

Period of Discernment (PoD)

The Period of Discernment (PoD) is about taking intentional time and space to explore God's call in your life. More information about the PoD can be found here.

Period of Discernment (PoD) Resources

There are lots of resources available for participants, mentors, Presbyteries/congregations/faith communities around the Period of Discernment. 

Period of Discernment Presbytery contacts

Looking for someone in your Presbytery to talk with about the Period of Discernment? The information is here!

DIY “Do-it-Yourself” Modules

The set of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) modules introduce and explore a range of important topics within the Uniting Church, and provide the resources to facilitate an educational session on each topic.

Pastoral care for older people and people with Dementia

'Do-It-Yourself' DIY Modules on Pastoral care for older people, and people with Dementia; being a Dementia friendly congregation.

Congregational leadership

'Do-It-Yourself' DIY modules which explore topics important for those who lead, or wish to lead, in congregations or faith communities.

Leadership skills

"Do-It-Yourself' DIY modules which explore some basic leadership skills needed in a healthy church.

Foundations of faith

'Do-It-Yourself' DIY modules which explore basic Biblical and theological topics. 

Day-to-day ministry

'Do-It-Yourself' DIY modules which explore what it means to respond to God's call to ministry in different contexts.

Congregational life

'Do-It-Yourself' DIY modules which explore what it means to be the church today.

We Are the Uniting Church

The UCA Assembly has produced a video series called "We are the UCA". These short videos are great for group discussions.
Otira Book Club

Otira Book Club

The Otira Theological Book Club, situated at the Centre for Theology & Ministry, has available for loan a wide range of books that have been chosen to create fascinating discussions, offer another perspective, enable an opportunity for adult Christian education, and provide a good reason to get together and share in community.