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Intercultural Communities & Leadership

Community development

In 1985, we declared ourselves to be a multicultural church and, since then, have been recognised for offering hospitality and space for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities to worship. We have 58 CALD ministers, 22 CALD congregations and worship in 14 languages other than English.

Intercultural Community Development encourages and supports CALD congregations through regular visits and workshops to:

  • better connect with presbyteries and the wider church community, not simply worshiping within their own cultural groups
  • have a fuller appreciation of the processes of church polity, how policy decisions are made and how to fully participate in the process
  • feel empowered to fully participate within all areas of the Church
  • appreciate decisions of the church which may seem at odds with their own backgrounds.

This connection between people of different backgrounds enriches communities and the church.

For further information on Intercultural Community Development, contact SweeAnn Koh at (03) 9340 8823 or sweeann.koh@victas.uca.org.au

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Leadership development

While Intercultural Community Development aims to embrace entire CALD congregations, Intercultural Leadership Development works with their leaders.

By resourcing ministers (ordained and lay) from non-English and non-Indigenous backgrounds we aim to enhance their leadership so their gifts can be brought to the wider church and ensure their voices can be heard.

As a multicultural church, we seek to find new ways to bring ministry to people of different cultures.  To achieve this, it is vital we help our CALD leaders find their place within the Church. This is achieved by working with ministers to discover their personal passions and vision for their ministry, to help them explore how to effectively bring this to the Church.

Resourcing CALD ministers often means working with many other staff in the eLM unit, including Continuing Education, Lay Leadership, Intergenerational Ministries – Children and Families, Youth and Young Adults. Sometimes it will also include eLM’s Justice unit, helping ministers and congregations find their social justice voice within the context of the Church and of Australia.


For further information contact Dev Anandarajan at (03) 9340 8808 or  devanandan.anandarajan@victas.uca.org.au

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