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PWMU Cookbook

The PWMU Cookbook has a unique place in Australian kitchens. First published in 1904 and revised and reprinted many times since, it has sold well over 500,000 copies.

The current fifth edition was revised in 2021 and contains recipes ranging from tried-and-true classics to more contemporary dishes with an international flavour, reflecting our multicultural population.

The cookbook also includes information on what can be used as a substitute if you are concerned about food allergies, and setting up a kitchen if you are new to cooking.

The PWMU Cookbook Committee, which is based in Melbourne, draws its members from the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches.

Royalties are distributed to the two churches, where they fund mission projects through the UCAF and bursaries for theology students from overseas through the PWMU.

For information about the PWMU Cookbook grants, email ucafvictas@gmail.com

To buy a copy of the book, send an email to pwmu.cookbook7@gmail.com