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Property & Legal


Legal Services

Our legal office provides assistance to congregations, agencies and ministers on a reasonable fee-for-service basis. Matters include property purchase, sales and/or development, telecommunication leases, litigation, mediation, wills, estates and copyright.



Property Services consists of a broad, dedicated team of specialists from a wide range of backgrounds who work with you to best manage your property needs for the common wealth of the Church. This ensures we are optimising our assets and remain focused on our mission directives.


Internal Audit, Risk and Insurance

Our expert Risk, Insurance and Internal Audit team manages key governance and risk services for the Church and its agencies, such as schools, camps, AgeWell and Uniting.


Occupational Health & Safety

Church facilities and worship centres are workplaces and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all occupants, such as employees, residents, clients, congregation members, visitors, contractors and volunteers.