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Touring online

Are you missing trips to the Art Gallery, Museum, or Orchestra with friends?

Wish you could take the family to the Zoo?

Looking for that downtime that walking or just being in nature gives you?


There is a way you can still do these things on your own or with others.

Virtual tours are one of the lovely things that has come out of having to stay at home. So many around the world are sharing resources and places online – and for free. There are so many links, it is impossible to give you them all! You can find tours around art galleries, museums, zoos, walking tracks, and so much more. Or you can sit in front of a beautiful natural scene, complete with natural sounds.

Here are a few to get you started. And some information on how to find more …


If you wanted to ‘travel’ at home or overseas, Google Arts & Culture is a good starting place for many things art & culture. Alternatively, open up your online browser and put in search phrases such as, “virtual tours”, “free virtual walking trails” (including one at Lake Samsonvale in South East Queensland, a walk I used to do with friends and dogs!), “nature sounds”, “relaxing nature”, “virtual dives”,  and “virtual museum tours” (including ones for kids). Once you start exploring, you will find more!

And then, if you would like to check out what some of our furry, feathered and scaly neighbours are doing, you will find numerous cameras, ‘cams’, set up across the world, including “bird cams”, “underwater cams”, “wildlife cams” and so on. These are lots of fun to explore, especially with kids and animal lovers of all ages.

Share your experience on the computer, television, or device. If you use something like Zoom, one of you can share your screen and you can all watch the same thing. Remember to turn on your computer’s sound so all can hear.


So, plan that virtual outing with friends and family soon! And don’t forget to stop for lunch or a cuppa together!



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