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Bethel Centre

The Bethel Centre is a counselling, education and support service which is funded by the Synod, but operates independently.

Bethel’s services are available to individuals and groups in the Synod who have experienced trauma, abuse or misuse of power emotionally, spiritually, physically or sexually within the Church. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Abuse and misuse of power may include bullying, intimidation and harassment that can sometimes be found in congregations. Support is also offered to those accused of, or who identify as, being a perpetrator.

Its services include:

  • This is free of charge and support is offered in person, by telephone or via skype. Bethel’s counsellors are fully qualified and have expertise in the areas of trauma and conflict recovery.
  • Education programs. Theseare tailored to the needs of congregations and education workshops and offered at low cost.
  • Professional consultation. This provides information and advice to address conflict and disharmony for ministers, church councils, congregation members and staff.
  • A peaceful place of safety. This helps self-reflection and conversation.
  • Library and website. Theseoffer a range of titles and materials on the topics of abuse, recovery and spiritual healing. Books are free to borrow and can be posted or collected from the Centre.​

The Bethel Centre is at 59 Doncaster Rd, Balwyn North, Victoria. To make an appointment, phone 03 9859 8700 or email support@bethelcentre.com.au

For more information, visit the Bethel Centre website.​​

If you have been the victim of abuse, we urge you to report it. For more information click here.