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Marriage Celebrant Paperwork Guidelines

Marriage celebrants are no longer required to submit hard copy marriage paperwork to Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria.  In order to comply with the Marriage Regulations 2017 Section 77, the Synod requests all Victorian UCA marriage celebrants undertake the following procedures:

  1. Complete and submit all required paperwork (eg, Notice of Marriage, Non-impediment form, Marriage Certificate) as per BDM requirements through the Registry Information Online system.
  2. File the hard copies of both the signed Notice of Intention and the official Marriage Certificate with the marriage register of the congregation in which the marriage has been recorded.

Congregations will then be requested annually to forward these hard copy forms to the Synod office for storage in its archive facility. Marriage celebrants are also welcome to file any additional hard copy marriage paperwork that they do not wish to retain personally (such as  the Record of use for Form 15 Marriage Certificates) in the congregation register in order that they also be transferred to the Synod archives.


For more information, download the PDF below or contact Kathryn D’Alessandro on 03 9116 1423.


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