‘One thing about the Uniting Church that particularly appeals to me is the strong belief it has in its people.’


‘The heart of life is loving God,
loving neighbour and loving self.’


‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.’

1 Timothy 4:12

Fiona Adams - Playdate Cafe

‘Our mission statement is to eradicate social and spiritual loneliness.’

Fiona Adams, Playdate Cafe

Mat Harry

‘We need to strongly empower people of different generations so they can offer leadership in developing relationships with people of those generations.’


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Donations & bequests


Bequests are critical to the work we do, helping us with education, social justice, community support and continuing our faith and mission.  After providing for your family, a bequest is a special way of ensuring the mission of the Church is sustained.

Intercultural Communities & Leadership

Intercultural Communities

The connection between people of different backgrounds enriches us. We have 22 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse congregations and worship in 14 languages other than English.

UCA Schools


Our 12 schools educate a combined 14,400 students. They provide a learning community that offers young people spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth, and reverence for the environment.

Uniting AgeWell

Uniting AgeWell

Our specialised aged care services include residential care, home care, allied health and therapy services, carer support and respite services, social support, transitional care and independent retirement living.



Crosslight is a free bi-monthly 40-page magazine which is delivered to all of our presbyteries and congregations. Launched in 1992, it is a cherished and trusted source of news, views and reviews that educate and inform its more than 31,000 readers.  

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

We are committed to providing safe environments where children are cared for, respected, nurtured and sustained. We have zero tolerance of all forms of child abuse and will do all in our power to safeguard children from it.

Social Justice

Social Justice

Our Justice and International Mission unit works with congregations and social justice networks to shift and shape public policy towards a fair and just world. It provides regular opportunities for you to be an active voice for justice in the wider community.

U Ethical

U Ethical

We are an ethical funds manager which grants most of its operating surplus to social justice advocacy and community programs. Formerly known as UCA Funds Management, U Ethical is an autonomous social enterprise of the Uniting Church.

Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring people with disabilities are equal participants in all of our activities. We work with individuals, congregations and presbyteries, and a range of organisations beyond the Synod.

Pilgrim Theological College

Pilgrim Theological College

We offer the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry. It is one of many colleges that form part of the University of Divinity in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.



Our community services organisation works across Victoria and Tasmania, partnering with people to build their capacity and confidence so they can look forward to a brighter, healthier and happier future.


Youth & Young Adults

We assist young people form and develop their faith and have a positive impact on their community. We do this by consulting, advocating, resourcing and training leaders, congregations and presbyteries.

UCA backs mandatory reporting laws for ministers

Moderator Denise Liersch has spoken out in support of making it mandatory for ministers of religion to report child abuse.

The harsh reality of having no place to call your own

Homelessness Week (4-10 August) is a time for us to stop and think about what life is like living on the street, particularly as temperatures continue to plummet.

Moderator’s pastoral letter on Voluntary Assisted Dying response

This pastoral letter from Moderator Denise Liersch was sent to congregations in Victoria and Tasmania following Synod's decision on how to respond to Victoria's Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. 

Why churches must change to stay alive – Mat Harry Q&A

New & Renewing Communities Catalyst Rev Mat Harry says churches need to take the initiative and cross the threshold into other people’s worlds.

How literally should we take each word in the Bible?

It took 1000 years to write, has myriad authors and everyone has an opinion on it. Two millennia on, it continues to drive contemporary commentary and, in doing so, divide opinion. So how should we interpret it - literally or figuratively? Or both?

Tender acts of mercy allowed us to be there for Bronwen

"Bronwen recently told me if she could have her life over again she would not change a thing. And neither would I. Those difficult years were so filled with love, compassion and grace that it actually became a high point of my life."

Church must speak out to support Hong Kong’s last stand

The international church must speak up to defend Hong Kong's future and freedom of religion, writes Tim Lam.
Israel Falou

Why we should shun Folau’s fear-based theology

"A UCA approach to the Bible asks us to do the harder work of interpretation through an awareness of history and culture, as well as with love and compassion. We do not proof text nor scare people into faith."

International Youth Day and unleashing unlimited potential

"I hope that we might honour International Youth Day by acknowledging the place and potential of young people around the world and around the corner."

Abuse survivor Holly Taylor’s long mental health struggle

Holly Taylor is a high-flying bio-medicine student with a brilliantly bright future but only a few years ago she was such a danger to herself that she couldn't shower without being watched.

Former TV reporter Jane Phelan takes it one step at a time

When Jane Phelan woke from a stroke she had lost the ability to walk or talk. But then she found God – again – and hasn’t looked back.

How Sally Goldner found the freedom to be herself

Imagine being born into the wrong body. Imagine spending 30 years not knowing who you really are. Only then can you start to understand Sally Goldner’s strength.
Art of Belief

Art of Belief

Centre for Theology & Ministry

Gain a greater understanding of the impact European and Aboriginal traditions of art have had on Australian Christianity, drawing specifically on the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

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