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Uniting Church Adult Fellowship

The UCAF is the umbrella organisation for adults meeting in groups across each Synod. It has been described as the Church’s “engine room, heart and lifeblood”.

Designed for men and women of all ages and cultural backgrounds, these groups share God’s love within the church family and into the community through friendship, service, development of faith and the practical application of the gifts of each member:

They also bring people together to motivate, nurture, collect and share information and enable spiritual, social, educational, recreational and mission support activities.

The Vic/Tas UCAF Council is made up of members from all eight presbyteries and assists congregations by offering resources, advice and visits to gatherings and groups across both states.

It also publishes a monthly magazine Net Work, which shares stories, prayers, devotions, events and news.

There are 151 affiliated UCAF groups in our Synod and the UCAF also has representation with:

The UCAF National Committee, an agency of the UCA Assembly, facilitates the network of Adult Fellowships (with about 13,000 members) across all states to promote the mission and witness of the Uniting Church in Australia.

For more information or to subscribe to Net Work magazine, email [email protected]