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Beginnings, Endings and Waypoints

Waypoints are times in the life of a community that benefit from special attention – beginnings, significant changes, endings. Ritual and mutual practices can assist in grief and healing and create shared stories of beauty and wonder.  At all our waypoints, God is present, and the love of Christ can be shared in community through shared words, actions and thoughtful silence.

We recommend that you draw ideas, words, images, actions from these resources to suit your context. All of these are intended to be used in a gathered community at an event where all can participate in actions and words.

Pay attention to place, setup, people and leadership. Consider venues other than church buildings, and that people other than church attendees may want to take part or lead. We recommend that you use a planning guide for events alongside the worship and ritual resources below.

So bring people together to celebrate the beautiful and good, grieve and mourn loss and endings, lament and seek forgiveness for wrongs, and forgive and be kind with one another.


Significant events

Endings (Closing or uniting congregations)

Further resources will be added to this page shortly.

Recommended Books:

  • Terry Falla Be Our Freedom Lord Open Book Publishers. Adelaide. 1994
  • Dorothy McRae McMahon Rituals for Life, Love, and Loss Hunter House. 2014
  • Shelly Rambo Spirit and Trauma WJK Press. Louisville. 2010
  • Common Prayer: A liturgy for ordinary radicals Grand Rapids. 2010



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