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Why churches must change to stay alive – Mat Harry Q&A

New & Renewing Communities Catalyst Rev Mat Harry says churches need to take the initiative and cross the threshold into other people’s worlds.

How literally should we take each word in the Bible?

It took 1000 years to write, has myriad authors and everyone has an opinion on it. Two millennia on, it continues to drive contemporary commentary and, in doing so, divide opinion. So how should we interpret it - literally or figuratively? Or both?

Tender acts of mercy allowed us to be there for Bronwen

"Bronwen recently told me if she could have her life over again she would not change a thing. And neither would I. Those difficult years were so filled with love, compassion and grace that it actually became a high point of my life."

Salesi, Siotame Faupula and the ‘golden chain’

Like father, like son? For Doubletake we asked Canterbury Balwyn Road Uniting Church minister Rev Salesi Faupula and his son Siotame to talk about family, faith and finding yourself.

Diep Tran and Trang Vo’s epic refugee escape

In 1983, Diep Tran and her niece Trang Vo fled to Australia in fear of their lives, but the journey was just as hazardous. We present their remarkable stories to honour Refugee Week on 16-22 June.

Moderator Denise Liersch takes up her leading role

Denise Liersch talks about her approach to being Moderator and what her prayers and hopes for the church are.

Why heaven could have wheelchairs – Andy Calder Q&A

Andy Calder has dedicated his life to people labelled with disability or mental illness. It is a calling that has challenges on many levels but it hasn't challenged Andy's faith.

Cross purposes- delving into denominations

Christianity is a broad church, with tens of thousands of branches each with their own peculiar approach.

Game of Thrones and the reality of fantasy

In preparation for the premiere of the heavily-hyped final season of Game of Thrones before the culmination of the season of Easter, Rev Ian Ferguson compares the two.

Art and Soul- Christina Rowntree Q&A

In the beginning was the Word … but now there is also art to help explore and expound on the subject of spirituality. Christina Rowntree explains how art and faith are intertwined

Why the message of Easter remains vital

Is Easter’s message still being heard or does the church need to pull a rabbit out of its hat?

Double Take: Joy Han and Jiny Lee

Joy Han and Jiny Lee talk about NYALC and worshipping at Cornerstone Ministry, a Korean Church in Melbourne.

Fighting the good fight – Mark Zirnsak Q&A

What could go wrong? Plenty, it seems, particularly in the social justice sphere, which is why Mark Zirnsak does an 11-hour JIM workout five days a week.

Plenty of belief up on the big screen

There’s more to Christian cinema than a Cross and crown of thorns. Chances are you’d be surprised how many popular movies have fundamental Christian themes.

Double Take: Will and Amanda Nicholas

Amanda and Will Nicholas are Uniting Church ministers. And they’ve also been married for 22 years – which is quite remarkable when you take into account Will’s fruit-testing technique.

The Science of Playing God

Genetic manipulation is no longer in the realm of science fiction, raising a whole new set of ethical dilemmas.

The spirit of youth and keeping the faith

Being a young person of faith means you won’t win too many popularity contests, particularly among your peers. But that’s no reason to retreat.

Behind the lectern

Faculty from Pilgrim Theological College discuss the art of preaching.

Mind fields

Are those suffering from mental health conditions in rural Australia receiving adequate support or is the system failing them?

Above and beyond

UC ministers Lucas Taylor and Matt Cutler talk about their podcast 'Beyondering' which aims to connect people within and outside the church who share their interest in spirituality.