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Synod means business on ethics

The spotlight is firmly on the issue of ethical procurement, and how Uniting Church members can ensure the products they use have been made using fair, not forced, labour.

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Artefacts whales tooth

In touch with our past

Compile a history of the Uniting Church in artefacts was the brief given to archivist Christine Gordon earlier this year for a presentation to the Assembly Standing Committee.
Ordination 1973

Trip down memory lane

In 1973, four years before the Uniting Church formed, a number of people were ordained as Methodist Ministers and, 50 years later, five of them share their journey since that momentous day.
Melton soburian

The power of youth prevails

Melton Uniting Church’s Grace Community is reaping the rewards as it embraces the benefits brought by young people.
Volunteers merv

Volunteers make a difference

Uniting AgeWell volunteers are proving the old adage that it's as much fun to give as it is to receive.
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A week in the life of …

Minister and co-ordinator Rev Natalie Dixon-Monu outlines what happens during a hectic week at Boroondara Community Outreach in Kew.
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Back to the future

In less than 12 months, the Uniting Church Assembly will meet to make a number of vitally important decisions, arising from the Act2 Project, aimed at ensuring the Church’s sustainability for many years to come.
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Voices of reason speak

As the referendum on a Voice to Parliament draws closer, indigenous leaders in the Uniting Church tell us why a yes vote will make for meaningful change.
Faith one 3

Issues of faith and figures

Former Uniting Church Minister Rev Philip Hughes has drilled down into the 2021 Census data to provide a lowdown on the state of religion in Australia.
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Seen and herd in childcare

Children and older people are having fun together at an innovative intergenerational learning centre at Uniting AgeWell.
Regions people

Regions set for the future

Thanks to strong leadership and innovative thinking, the Synod's five regional presbyteries are well placed to meet future challenges.
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Two hearts beat as one

The amalgamation of the Corio-Norlane and Lara congregations late last year has their members looking forward to an exciting year.
Climate one

Heat is on for change

As climate change wreaks havoc on our planet, Uniting Church members talk about how strong and decisive action can have a positive impact.
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Vehicle for change

Synod Senior Social Justice Advocate Mark Zirnsak is driving the campaign to raise awareness about Uber and Uber Eats' exploitative business practices which negatively impact its drivers and delivery riders.
Directions five e1665487360825

Where are we going?

Four Uniting Church Ministers give their thoughts on where the Church should be heading as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Homeless three

Rough and tumble and a way out

As homeless numbers continue to rise in Victoria, four people share their stories of life on the streets and how Uniting were able to assist them.
Disability eleven

Would you like to dance?

They say it takes two to tango and that's definitely the case with disability and spirituality.
Queer course two e1661298805564

Queer eye on the Bible

Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin drew on her own experiences last month when she and wife Penny led what they believe was the first queer theology course in Australia.
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Jenny’s life in mission

Former equipping Leadership for Mission executive officer Jenny Byrnes reflects on her lifetime of service to the Uniting Church.
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Matter of life and death

When a doctor pronounces us dead, are we really dead? Or is part of us still alive? If so, is that our soul, or spirit? Or are they the same thing? So many questions. Read on and you may find some answers.
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Food project feeds hope

Former Uniting Church Presbytery Minister Anthea Maynard is part of a project providing food and hope to millions of people around the world.
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Kaniva hand? Of course you can

When SA border restrictions left many tourists and residents stranded, two neighbouring towns sprung into action.
Library one

History’s page opens up

The Dalton McCaughey Library's world-class collection allows visitors to enjoy a peek into the theological past.
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Putting unity in community

In a wonderful example of community outreach, Natalie Dixon-Monu and a team of dedicated volunteers in Kew are doing outstanding work to assist those doing it tough.
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Elliot’s hidden a-gender

Elliot Nicholas was born a girl and had the birth certificate to prove it. But sometimes facts can get in the way of a good story. Or, in Elliot’s case, provide some dark chapters.
Music one

Tuning in to the Holy Spirit

We sometimes take it for granted, but music has the power to inspire us in our daily faith and worship.
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It’s a good habit to get into

A growing number of people are embracing a relatively new concept of prayer called Holy Habits, based around getting into the Acts for a new way of worshipping.
History three

It’s time to raise our ‘sites’

Many of our churches that were built for communities that no longer exist as they once did can enrich congregations and communities in ways not previously possible.
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Putting the ‘I’ in Uniting

A new book chronicles the lived experience of 21 members of the Uniting Church. Their reflections are honest, insightful, illuminating and sometimes inspiring. These are some edited extracts.
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Amalgamation right on Kew

Three congregations with a 'shared commitment around mission’ have joined forces to build a better future.
Mind image

The right frame of mind

Why do some people with mental health issues feel marginalised by the Church, and what can we do to correct that?

Ours is to reason why

Australia Remade national co-ordinator Millie Rooney says the church and governments have important roles to play in shaping a better society.
Agewell new 3 e1618356785523

Keeping it all together

Unable to enter aged-care facilities during the pandemic, chaplains came up with some innovative ways to stay connected with residents.
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Centre provides comfort zone

A new chaplaincy centre that was 40 years in the making has opened to assist people in western Victoria.
Women seven

Women of the Word

The Uniting Church prides itself on how it embraces women in positions of leadership, including ministry. Three female ministers, from Victoria and Tasmania, share their stories of being 'women in ministry'.
Foster one

Fostering a sense of care for children

There is a crisis in our community that has gone unreported and, as a result, is unnoticed. And it involves children - vulnerable children. The matter is widespread and urgent and help is needed. Now.
Faith one

For many of us, it’s a question of faith

What is faith? How would you define it? Are faith and belief one and the same thing? What would the world look like without faith? So many questions, but all the answers lie within.
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Financial program offers a cents of purpose

A new initiative is using underutilised assets to fund mission and ministry and future-proof congregations.
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Deadly fight for rights in the Philippines

A call for action has been issued as ongoing human rights abuses continue to be a stain on democracy in the Philippines.
Road to malla 4

Gippsland revisited – journey through the broken heart of Eastern Victoria

This time last year all we could talk about was the devastating effects brought about by something beyond our control. No, it wasn’t COVID, it was the bushfires. 12 months later, much of East Gippsland is still on its knees.
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Ethical gift guide: how to make your present go a little further

Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing better than the gift of giving during this special time of year. Even better, your gift for that special person can help others less fortunate. Here are some suggestions for a gift that goes a little further.
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Write of Passage: Rev David Fotheringham

"It is often the difficult things that we need to work through that become the greatest sources of growth for us," David writes.
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How COVID-19 has affected young people’s mental health

Many of life's major milestones happen before we hit 30 - first job, getting hitched, having a baby. But this year, those milestones aren’t what they used to be and young people are suffering as a consequence.
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How AgeWell has kept residents safe from COVID-19

Uniting AgeWell has managed to keep its clients and residents safe and connected through the deadly pandemic. Here's how.
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Write of Passage: Rev (Deacon) Wendy Elson

"Jesus tells us that the Spirit has ordained him (and us) to hold people in their brokenness, to give priority to feeding and liberating, healing to the hurting and disadvantaged," Wendy writes.
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Rev Dr Margaret Mayman: minister, mother and advocate

All things being equal, St Michael’s new minister would have lived a less public life. But things are never equal, as this social justice advocate knows all too well.
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Sex and the Bible: Jione Havea Q&A

Jione Havea teaches Sex & The Bible at Pilgrim Theological College. Why? Because there’s a lot to explore and explain and many people “dirtify” the subject.
Hands togther

Why we need to do more to embrace our cultural diversity

Racial and cultural parity have never been more in focus than they are right now. But how does the Church measure up? We’re uniting in name, but is that the lived reality?
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Indigenous kids taught all the wrong lessons

An emotional documentary shines light on Aboriginal oppression and calls for reform in education and justice systems.
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Depths of pain – surviving child sex abuse

What started out as a dispassionate book review became deeply personal for Damien Tann when a couple of statistics made him reassess how the repeated sexual abuse he experienced as a child had impacted his life.
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Ten ways to help and not hinder in a crisis

Rev Jude Benton lists 10 things to consider before offering assistance in a crisis. “Don’t feel guilty if you have made these mistakes – I have too!”
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Holy committed to running the good race

Everyone runs for a reason. Get fit, lose weight, clear the head but, for some, the benefits of running extend to providing sustenance for the soul.
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Faith, mission and ministry in the pandemic period

COVID-19 has upended any sense of normal on a global scale. Barry Gittins investigates the effects on our Synod and its ministries, how they have reacted and what might be next.
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Aunty Rev Denise Champion: why we need a treaty

Aunty Rev Denise Champion says Australia has a “beautiful history” she hopes we, as a nation, will one day uniformly embrace. Reconciliation Week is a time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and, more importantly, where we are headed.
Woman praying in shaft of light

Write of Passage: Rev Angie Griffin

Rev Angie Griffin shares why The Syrophoenician Woman is her favourite Gospel character. "Despite so many obstacles she is determined to pursue what she needs," she says.
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God’s Squad takes Christian ministry to the streets

For more than 50 years, God’s Squad motorcycle ministry has been reaching out to men considered by many to be outlaws. It provides a much-needed sense of family and church.
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Minister tells of bushfire heartbreak and hope

As parts of Victoria burned uncontrollably over the New Year period, Rev Jennie Gordon was one of the volunteer chaplains deployed to assist those in need. These are the gripping, sometimes heartbreaking stories she witnessed and heard.
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Exposing the hidden cost of domestic violence

Family violence is all-too real for too many people, especially women. It is also largely invisible, but that is something the Church is helping to change.
Uncle vince 2 e1581382163422

First Peoples knew the creator God before colonialism

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre Uncle Vince Ross explains how the spirituality of the First Peoples is compatible, and even complementary, to Christianity.
Ruby e1580693087131

Turning the church back into a youth centre

The ways in which the Church engages with children has come a long way from traditional Sunday school. Now it’s a lot more fun, but still with a touch of class.
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Camping in the shadow of a catastrophe

Ellaine Downie shares her experience of holidaying in Gippsland when the devastating bushfires ignited.
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Write of Passage: Rev Susan Malthouse-Law

Rev Susan Malthouse Law reflects on the very personal reason why Elizabeth's reward is her favourite part of the Advent story.
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The birth of Jesus – what is fact and fiction (probably)

On average, the New Testament is about 300 pages - yet there is still so little we know about the birth of Jesus.
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Gippsland tales from the country of contrasts

Country Victoria is largely bent over by drought and economic adversity. Fortunately, they have a couple of aces up their sleeve – their people and churches.
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The spirit of giving to those near and far at Christmas

Food for Families and the Christmas Bowl Appeal are ways to share the blessings of the birth of Jesus both at home and away.
Deb kottek 7

My life as a prison chaplain – Deborah Kottek Q&A

Rev Deborah Kottek spends a lot of time behind bars but doesn’t see the high walls, barbed wire and handcuffs. Instead, she sees people, humanity and hope. People worth helping.
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Using church property to build mission work

To grasp fresh opportunities sometimes you need to let go of what you have. Manningham and Ballarat are benefitting from the sale of underutilised assets.
Many ways meanings prayer

The many ways and meanings of prayer

Most of us are taught from an early age to pray, to talk to God and give thanks, maybe even ask if a wish can be granted. But is that all prayer is? And what exactly is prayer?
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Men’s Sheds and the tools for better mental health

If you haven’t experienced mental illness chances are the person next to you has. It’s that common. But for many salvation can be found in a Shed.

Write of Passage: Rev Ajub Jahja

"The fact is we can’t forget the pain and bitterness we have experienced. We cannot remove from our memories all the bad experiences caused by others. They are a part of our history."
Amar 4 of 5 scaled

Amar proves there is life after leprosy

Amar Timalsina was just 12 when he was diagnosed with leprosy. It immediately saw him ostracised from his school, community and, worst of all, his family. Thirty years later the Nepalese school principal is disease-free and working tirelessly to help those still afflicted.
Mat harry 6cmyk scaled

Why churches must change to stay alive – Mat Harry Q&A

New & Renewing Communities Catalyst Rev Mat Harry says churches need to take the initiative and cross the threshold into other people’s worlds.
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How literally should we take each word in the Bible?

It took 1000 years to write, has myriad authors and everyone has an opinion on it. Two millennia on, it continues to drive contemporary commentary and, in doing so, divide opinion. So how should we interpret it - literally or figuratively? Or both?
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Write of Passage: Rev Jay Robinson

It’s not always easy to do but I always try to get to know someone rather than judge them.  I am continually surprised at the people I get to meet and be with.  They are all amazing children of God.  
Emma bronwen madeline e1565745932570 scaled

Tender acts of mercy allowed us to be there for Bronwen

"Bronwen recently told me if she could have her life over again she would not change a thing. And neither would I. Those difficult years were so filled with love, compassion and grace that it actually became a high point of my life."
Trang vo left and diep tran 2 scaled

Diep Tran and Trang Vo’s epic refugee escape

In 1983, Diep Tran and her niece Trang Vo fled to Australia in fear of their lives, but the journey was just as hazardous. We present their remarkable stories to honour Refugee Week on 16-22 June.
Denise liersch1600 e1565746761156

Moderator Denise Liersch takes up her leading role

Denise Liersch talks about her approach to being Moderator and what her prayers and hopes for the church are.
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Why heaven could have wheelchairs – Andy Calder Q&A

Andy Calder has dedicated his life to people labelled with disability or mental illness. It is a calling that has challenges on many levels but it hasn't challenged Andy's faith.
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Write of Passage: Rev Sally Douglas

"We can experience moments of great insight and clarity in our ongoing relationship with Holy One – Sacred Three and then we forget. The clarity fades, or we freak out, and we return to our old habits of thinking, or patterns of behaving."
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Cross purposes- delving into denominations

Christianity is a broad church, with tens of thousands of branches each with their own peculiar approach.
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Game of Thrones and the reality of fantasy

In preparation for the premiere of the heavily-hyped final season of Game of Thrones before the culmination of the season of Easter, Rev Ian Ferguson compares the two.
Christina rowntree2 scaled

Art and Soul- Christina Rowntree Q&A

In the beginning was the Word … but now there is also art to help explore and expound on the subject of spirituality. Christina Rowntree explains how art and faith are intertwined
Sandy brodine e1565749436572 scaled

Why the message of Easter remains vital

Is Easter’s message still being heard or does the church need to pull a rabbit out of its hat?
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Write of Passage: Rev Claire Dawe

"When I become overwhelmed or simply can’t grasp the clarity of vision I need, I turn to this verse so I can find some alignment with what’s actually important, and what is not."
Mark zirnsak 7 e1565821777832

Fighting the good fight – Mark Zirnsak Q&A

What could go wrong? Plenty, it seems, particularly in the social justice sphere, which is why Mark Zirnsak does an 11-hour JIM workout five days a week.
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Write of Passage: Rev Rod Peppiatt

"I have come to love this mystery; to cherish what I don’t know, and to engage with what I do know.  And for this, I’m grateful to Jesus, Paul, and all the others who have gone before."
Holywood spread

Plenty of belief up on the big screen

There’s more to Christian cinema than a Cross and crown of thorns. Chances are you’d be surprised how many popular movies have fundamental Christian themes.
Professor martin delatycki 3 scaled

The Science of Playing God

Genetic manipulation is no longer in the realm of science fiction, raising a whole new set of ethical dilemmas.
Emma gordon 3 scaled

The spirit of youth and keeping the faith

Being a young person of faith means you won’t win too many popularity contests, particularly among your peers. But that’s no reason to retreat.
22 preaching

Behind the lectern

Faculty from Pilgrim Theological College discuss the art of preaching.

Mind fields

Are those suffering from mental health conditions in rural Australia receiving adequate support or is the system failing them?
10 beyondering

Above and beyond

UC ministers Lucas Taylor and Matt Cutler talk about their podcast 'Beyondering' which aims to connect people within and outside the church who share their interest in spirituality.