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Seeking Ordination

If you are considering applying to become a candidate for ordained ministry or are a member of a presbytery supporting an applicant, you will find everything you need to know here.

To begin, we recommend you have a conversation with the Minister of your congregation. Discerning God’s call involves you as an individual, but it also involves your Minister, your congregation’s church council, your presbytery and Synod.

The presbytery is of particular importance in the application process because it is responsible for caring for you (the applicant) and for overseeing the first two-thirds of the procedure. This builds on the already developed relationship that began during the Period of Discernment that you (the applicant) would have participated in.

In the Related Documents list below you will find a “Sense of Call” discussion paper that the Synod Selection Committee has developed to be used as a tool for conversation. The paper recognises that in the Uniting Church a call to Ordination is only one form of call and unpacks some of these issues. The Committee recommends that you read this paper and reflect on it with your Minister and Presbytery.

Click here to find your local presbytery contact.

To gain a better understanding of the process involved, download this flow chart and our helpful list of FAQs.

Further information can be found at Ministry Formation on the Pilgrim Theological College website.


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