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Abuse survivor Holly Taylor’s long mental health struggle

Holly Taylor is a high-flying bio-medicine student with a brilliantly bright future but only a few years ago she was such a danger to herself that she couldn’t shower without being watched.

Former TV reporter Jane Phelan takes it one step at a time

When Jane Phelan woke from a stroke she had lost the ability to walk or talk. But then she found God – again – and hasn’t looked back.

How Sally Goldner found the freedom to be herself

Imagine being born into the wrong body. Imagine spending 30 years not knowing who you really are. Only then can you start to understand Sally Goldner’s strength.

Pilgrim student Audrey Larsen back in class at age 97

Pilgrim student Audrey Larsen is proof that age is just a number. At 97 she's an audit student living out her mantra "while you’re alive, you’ve got to live”.

Rod Dungan joins pitched battle for the ‘Grey Ashes’

As Australia takes on England for the Ashes another, slightly older, group is also padding up with grey expectations.

Coralie Ling enjoys her purple patch stage of life

Coralie Ling is the first woman to have been ordained a Methodist minister in Victoria. She recently made her theatre debut, starring in the Gasworks Theatre stage show Beachside Stories.

Julie Perrin’s kind of revelations in her new book Tender

Everyone has a story to tell. Or, in Julie Perrin’s case, lots of stories. And some of them are very close to home.

Meredith Lake’s award-winning soul focus on history

Historian and radio presenter Dr Meredith Lake explains why, to move ahead, it often doesn’t hurt to have a look behind.

Uniting Winter Appeal helps bring hope from the ashes

A fire robbed Felicity of her home, her health and her will to live. Five years on, she’s back on her feet and ‘in a really good place’ – literally and figuratively.

Idil Ali talks poetic justice at Sacrededge

Idil Ali knows the struggles of the silent minority. She sees it and lives it every day. It’s why she speaks for those who struggle to be heard.

Tim Matton Johnson – first and foremost

Rev Tim Matton Johnson has retired after more than 30 years of ordained ministry during which he played a prominent leadership role in helping the Uniting Church live out a Covenant relationship between First and Second Peoples.

Andrew McDonough: drawing from scripture

Children's author Andrew McDonough reflects on his career, a journey he embarked on nearly 30 years ago.

A matter of principal

Wesley College Principal Dr Helen Drennen reflects on her teaching career, as her time at the helm comes to an end.

Ray’s 60 years of spreading the gospel

Ray Averill OAM announces he is "hanging up his preaching boots" after more than 60 years as lay preacher.

Habit forming

Amna Iqbal shared how a Catholic nun helped form her Islamic faith at Ormond Uniting Church as part of Multi-faith October.

Changing course into a storm

When Rev Dr David Gushee called for full inclusion of LGBTI people in his book Changing Our Mind, the response from the mainstream evangelical community was brutally swift.

Going the extra mile

Olympian Eloise Wellings talks about discovering her faith and purpose.

Q&A with Tai Alphred

We asked Murrumbeena Uniting Church’s family ministry coordinator Tai Alphred to tell us a bit about herself and ministry.

Meredith an inspirational type

“The message to all the young people who use alternative and augmentative communication is that if you have the opportunity to be educated, take it,” says Meredith Allan