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Intercultural Ministry

As a multicultural church, the Uniting Church in Australia continually seeks to find new ways to bring ministry to people of different cultures.

We help ministers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds find their place within the Church, discover their personal passions and vision for their ministry and assist them in exploring how to effectively use them.

In short, we enhance their leadership so their gifts can be brought to the wider church and ensure their voices can be heard.

Below you will find suggested reflections, books and assorted articles.

Each year, we host a number of informative seminars that will deepen your knowledge and enrich your perspective. Click on the links below to replay the seminars in full.

  • Reimagining Church & Theology From A Non-Western Paradigm. Click here
  • Sharing Our Narratives. With Alison Overeem. Click here
  • Meet The First Peoples Of Gondwana. With Rev Dr Garry Deverell. Click here

Dev Anandarajan

Intercultural Leadership Development Coordinator

Dev is an ordained Minister from Sri Lanka. He served in a place on conflict and became an internally displaced person along with his wife and daughter and migrated to Australia in 1996. He grew up in the Church and has served in three congregations before being appointed to a Synod role in 2014. His first placement was in the Balkara Parish at Oakleigh as a Minister to the Tamil congregation. He has also served on the Assembly multi-cultural and cross-cultural reference committee.

Email: devanandan.anandarajan@victas.uca.org.au
Phone: 03 9340 8808

Sylvia Akauola web

Sylvia ‘Akau’ola Tongotongo

Intercultural Community Development

Sylvia was ordained in the Methodist Church of New Zealand in 1998. She has served in Parish Ministry as well as being the Resource Person for New Zealand-born-and-raised Pacific Islanders. Sylvia was then School Chaplain at Auckland’s Wesley College. Sylvia moved to Australia in 2015 and served in placement at Burwood Heights UC for seven years and was appointed to her current position in January 2022.

Phone: 03 9340 8823 / 0419 690 223

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