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Picture of Intergen safety in the page Culture of Safety Unit's role

Culture of Safety Unit’s role

Josh Tuipa Turner writes about the purpose and role of the Culture of Safety Unit.
Picture of Intergen online in the page Livestreaming and child safety  

Livestreaming and child safety  

It is always a good time to have a child safety refresher; particularly when it comes to broadcasting images across the internet. So, what child safety things do we need to remember when livestreaming?
Picture of Mustard seeds in the page Parable of the seed

Parable of the seed

There are two easy intergenerational ideas from Sandy Brodine to go with the parable of the mustard seed in Mark 4:26–34.
Picture of Intergen photo in the page Being intergenerational at Pentecost

Being intergenerational at Pentecost

How can we become a more intergenerational, intercultural church this season of Pentecost? Sandy Brodine reflects on the story of Pentecost, and how God might be calling us into deeper listening and mutual relationship with one another.
Picture of Fakame photo in the page Tongan worship in May

Tongan worship in May

The month of May is important to Tongan communities. Watching the ways diaspora communities raise children in faith points to the vitality of keeping culture and language alive for all generations.
Picture of Trans flag in the page Supporting gender-diverse young people

Supporting gender-diverse young people

Support for trans and gender-diverse young people is an increasingly common issue for congregations and faith communities, but one that many don’t feel confident with. Dr Chris Phillips has picked out some tips from working with trans and gender-diverse young people over the last few years that might be helpful.
Picture of Bubble photo in the page Bubble wands make best fun

Bubble wands make best fun

Wanting to worship outdoors on Pentecost Sunday? Sandy and her daughter show you how to make a giant bubble wand and bubble mixture to blow giant bubbles together.
Picture of Wind art e1715143247244 in the page Wind-powered art activity

Wind-powered art activity

God reveals God’s self in a strong wind in several places in the scriptures. Here’s a fun activity to help your community engage in ‘wondering questions’ as they explore why God revealed Godself in this way.
Picture of Uluru in the page Messy Church goes wild

Messy Church goes wild

In the lead up to our “Science and Faith Converse” event this week, Sandy Brodine reflects on the critical importance of wrestling with issues of science and faith, and the central role of authentic dialogue with our First Peoples around issues of land and climate.
Picture of Church cross in the page The Church is dying ... really?

The Church is dying … really?

The story of Pentecost signifies the birth of the Christian church. What can we learn about our current faith communities as we reflect on birth, death and new life?
Picture of Yg newsletter science photo in the page Science and faith meet

Science and faith meet

Sandy Brodine talks about developing the practice of ‘wondering questions’ and curating safe and inclusive spaces for people of all ages to wrestle and engage with the big questions of faith and of life.
Picture of Yg newsletter ai e1711516628977 in the page AI and Christianity

AI and Christianity

How are we to live as Christians in an AI reality? Kelly Skilton explores this topic a little further.
Picture of Intergen newsletter digital prayer photo in the page Staying safe and praying safe

Staying safe and praying safe

To meet for prayer and fellowship has always been a significant part of Christian community. Now that we are gathering online and through digital mediums it is important that we explore the nuances of prayer in the online space. A…
Picture of Lent photo in the page Forty days and 40 prompts

Forty days and 40 prompts

Being able to digitally connect with our communities is not only helpful for communication, but also can be another way to engage our community in spiritual practices. Lent gives us an opportunity to take up a faith practice for 40…
Picture of Kelly books two in the page New year, new beginning

New year, new beginning

This past year has seen Chris Phillips develop a new digital book club: Progressive Pages. Out of a desire to create ‘a space for people to dig deeper into Christianity’, Chris thought a book club could be a perfect way…
Picture of Whatsapp in the page What’s up with WhatsApp?

What’s up with WhatsApp?

Staying connected with parents, leaders or just the church community has always been important. Navigating the world of online communication is still a daunting task, however, many communities are using WhatsApp as a simple way to build and connect community.…
Picture of Xmas story e1701384742483 in the page You, me, Christmas and the internet

You, me, Christmas and the internet

This year the Revised Common Lectionary has us exploring the Christmas story found in the Gospel of Luke, particularly looking at Luke 2:1-14, verses 8-14 which go something like this: 8 The Shepherds were not at Jesus’ birth as they were…
Picture of Xmas play in the page Child safety and Christmas pageants

Child safety and Christmas pageants

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and the storytelling, pageants, nativity plays, and stage shows are around the corner. These are great opportunities for the children in our communities to be seen up the front, participating in the retelling of…