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Lay Preachers Association

We support and encourage the ministry of Lay Preachers through mutual help and spiritual encouragement, communication, continuing education and other events.

The ministry of Lay Preachers contributes to the Church’s mission of encouraging and enabling people to discover, accept and express the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Members are all the accredited or recognised Lay Preachers within the Synod and Lay Preacher Candidates are Associate Members. Members elect Officers at the Annual Conference and commission the Committee of Management to carry out the LPA’s responsibilities.

You can find all relevant documents, such as the Candidate’s Application Form, by clicking on this link.

For more information, contact the President (details below).


Lay Preachers and payments

Lay Preaching is a voluntary ministry of the Church, and Lay Preachers offer their services for the common good of the gospel. Lay Preachers contribute to their own congregations just as many other members do in various ways, without payment for services or travel. Fees for Supply Ministry, as set out in the Summary-of-Ministry-Provisions-and-Charges, do not refer to Lay Preachers conducting services of worship.

Lay Preachers visiting other congregations may be reimbursed for travel according to Synod guidelines. For more information see here.

Also note: Where Lay Preachers are asked to provide services in the one place for longer than one month, they are only to do so with prior Presbytery permission.


Witness newsletter

The LPA produces a quarterly newsletter called Witness. For more information or to subscribe, contact the Lay Preacher Association President, Alastair Davison, 0412 653 218, or [email protected].


Education and Formation for Lay Preachers

To learn more about the standards for formation and education for the specified ministry of a lay preacher, download this PDF.

To learn more about the five aspects of formation for ministry by Lay Preachers, download this booklet.

The LPA awards a Certificate of Continuing Education based on a sliding scale of various educational activities. To learn more and apply, download this form.


Continuing Education Day

Each year, the LPA holds a Continuing Education Day to facilitate the continued learning of preaching and worship as required by Assembly.



Graham Booth, 0448 639 108, or [email protected]

Diane Wookey, 0429 822 742, [email protected]

Presbytery Representatives

Gippsland: Peter Morris, 03 5174 1897, 0432 319 478, [email protected]
Loddon Mallee: David Shield, 5441 4029, [email protected]
North-East Victoria: LouAnne Stabb, [email protected]
Port Phillip East: Peter Woodbridge, 03 9587 1381, [email protected]
Port Phillip West: Diane Wookey, 0429 822 742, [email protected]
Tasmania: Graham Booth, 0448 639 108, [email protected]
Western Victoria: Daryl Pedler, 03 5562 8046, [email protected]
Yarra Yarra: Hayley Rose, 03 9438 6843, [email protected]
equipping Leadership for Mission: Mel Perkins, 03 9340 8843, [email protected]


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