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Digital Giving – what are our options?

For many people, their financial offering is a spiritual practice. A practical response to a generous God.

For churches, offerings resource ministry and mission.

In a season of social distancing and forced closures, here are a few options to allow congregants to still give their offering. Several CMS platforms have built-in offering functions.

We encourage you to have a conversation as a church, inform your congregations, and we hope the following suggestions might help.

Direct Debit

Simple & straight-forward. Churches can share their banking details, and individuals use their banking apps to set payments (one-off or regular). No price, and no transaction fees.


PayPal is a familiar platform for anyone making online payments. No price, however a 2.2% + $0.30 fee per transaction.

Some extra features: PayPal has a simple button users can add to any page on a website or embed in an email. You can also set up PayPal.Me to create a customised landing page with a link unique to your church for your PayPal Donors to visits.


Tithe.ly is free to set up and easy for admins to manage. They have great customer service and are available to answer questions through online chat or over the phone. Free to use, with 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (prices are in US$).

Members can give through the app or through a website integration that doesn’t require users to leave your church website. Members can also opt to ‘cover the fee’

Visit the tithe.ly website for more information and resources



PushPay is a dedicated church online giving platform. Prices are tiered based on features, and with fees ranging  2.5% – 3% per transaction (prices are in US$)

Visit the PushPay website for more information about features.

Ultimately, choosing the right church online giving platform depends on the needs of your church. While each platform offers something a little different, all will help you provide your congregation with a way to give that suits their lifestyle. As you research giving options, don’t be afraid to contact these companies to ask questions and schedule demos. Find the platform that works for your church.

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