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Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry

The Work of the Congregation (FTM-C) offers you the opportunity to build on your own experience as you develop expertise in the specialised ministry of the Transitional Minister.

FTM-C is the second part of FTM training. FTM-C builds on the work begun in the first class, Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader (FTM-L). You need to have completed FTM –L in order to enrol in FTM-C.

This is a five-day program designed to provide information and experiences that will be helpful to people who
plan to function in a congregational leadership role especially during a time of clerical transition or other major transition time.

As the role of an Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) is extremely demanding, to enter this specialist program recommendations from presbytery or synod staff, or appropriate committee chairpersons are essential (see relevant application form and referee’s report on back of this page.

Experience of at least two ministry placements is essential. This is a demanding one-week full-time program. The five-day program is followed by a supervised project.

You can enrol in this course and not participate in the assessment/fieldwork, given the content is useful for anyone in ministry.

However, to be an accredited IIM you need to complete the more formal application process, assessment and fieldwork.

The course emphasises the work of the congregation. The fundamental tasks of the congregation, framed as Focus Points, are to successfully navigate the transition period:

Reviewing how the congregation has been shaped and formed.

Reviewing the member needs and its ways of organising and developing new and effective leadership.

Defining and redefining sense of purpose and direction.

Discovering all the relationships a faith community builds outside of itself.

Developing congregational and pastoral profiles.

Phase 2 Fieldwork

This gives you the opportunity to use the skills and principles acquired in FTM-L and FTM-C in their own ministry settings. Fieldwork is supervised by a member of our training team or a trained and experienced IIM practitioner in your own Synod. The whole package of FTM-L, FTM-C and Fieldwork may be taken for academic credit as an independent study unit in ministry or leadership at certain theological colleges. A possible avenue for assistance with costs is the Continuing Education Grant for ministers in placement

Click here for Grants and Scholarships – Application

Application Forms

If, at the conclusion of FTM-C, you are seeking the Interim Ministry Network qualification for accreditation as an IIM, please fill in the following application forms through these links:

Click here for the FTM-C Application Form

Click here for the FTM-C Referee’s Report

When competed, please email both forms (marked “confidential”) to the course lead trainer:
Parramatta Nepean Presbytery
Presbytery Ministry Leader
Rev. Dr Robert McFarlane


COST: $500 for metro, $400 for non-metro. Includes lunches, morning and afternoon tea

REGISTER ONLINE: www.trybooking.com/BEHED

DOWNLOAD: Flyer with all the details