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Preachers as Midwives of the Story


Story has its own way of bringing to life God’s work within community and ourselves. A story without words can speak deeper than a story with words. We don’t just observe or hear a story, we are always receivers of story. And sometimes we are the storyteller. . . . .even when we are preaching. In this workshop, participants are invited to come into story and possibility.

Denise best describes herself as a Mother, a Minister and a Photographer and sometimes all three at once. Drawing on deep listening to the world and creation, sharing its story through images, story, and relationship, Denise allows room for the other to find their point of connection with God. Once a nurse herself, Denise invites people to think about how they ‘midwife’ their contribution to God’s big story at work in the world.


Presenter: Denise Savage

When: Wednesday June 1, 2022 7 – 9pm

Where: Online

Cost: $10


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For more information, please contact Mel Perkins mel.perkins@victas.uca.org.au