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Hosted by Pilgrim Theological College and Chaired by Rev Sharon Hollis, President UCA Assembly

It is 50 years since the final form of the Basis of Union was published and put forward for consideration and decision by Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches.

The purpose of this day conference is bring the Basis of Union into a range of conversations which reflect the current realities of the UCA, give voice to the post-union generations of the UCA membership, and allow fresh theological engagement with the document.

Where previous conferences have focused on the history and exposition of the Basis, the focus this time will be on its reception and use.


Key themes of the day and presenters include:


• Translating the Basis into Yolŋu: Yurranydjil Dhurrkay, Marrpalawuy Marika and Maratja Dhamarrandji


• The theological issues of translating the Basis into 12 of the UCA’s CALD languages: Ji Zhang and others


• The reception of the Basis in the UCA’s CALD communities: Panel chaired by Charissa Suli


• Millennial perspectives on the Basis: Papers by Joy Han and Matt Julius


• The Basis and Contemporary Ministry and Mission: Panel including Stu Cameron, Radhika Sukumar-White, Sally Douglas, Sandy Boyce, Janice McRandal, Linda Hanson, Damian Palmer


• Electives on contemporary interpretation of the Basis: Papers by Ennis Macleod, Michelle Cook, Liam Miller, Jason Kioa, Michael Earl, Heewon Chang and others


• Being ‘Guided’ by the Basis: Andrew Johnson and others



Cost: $12

A full schedule will be published here in due course


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Registrations close on Thursday 25th November.


Enquiries: geoff.thompson@pilgrim.edu.au