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2021 Understanding the UCA – Zoom

Who for:

• those in Ministry of Pastor positions who have not undertaken training in the Core Competencies

• those in training to be Lay Preachers

• you are new to the UCA, and are already in a leadership role or wish to take up a leadership role in the UCA, including worship and preaching


Content will cover the Core Competencies required for Ministry of Pastor and Ministry of Lay Preacher (see below) as well as some work in intercultural competency.


1. Articulate the key theological foundations of the Basis of Union: identify and explain the key theological themes expressed in the BoU (in particular paras 1 to 4) and the Creeds

2. Describe key historical elements contributing to the formation of the Uniting Church

3. Articulate the place and role of key aspects of the Church’s life and witness,

4. Understand the Councils and Ministries of the UCA


Dates (all dates must be attended):

Friday, 29 October – 6-9pm

Saturday, 30 October – 9:30am-4:30pm

Friday, 3 December – 6-9pm

Saturday, 4 December – 9:30am-4:30pm


Note: participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate competency within the sessions to receive a Completion Certificate.


Mel Perkins (mel.perkins@victas.uca.org.au) and Dev Anandarajan (devanandan.anandarajan@victas.uca.org.au)


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