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Mission Resourcing

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Accounting Services

Our professional, helpful and service-orientated unit provides a range of reliable and accurate financial information to and on behalf of the Synod. Among other things, it ensures users comply with all applicable regulations and directives.

Synod Archives

Synod Archives

The Victorian archives were established in 1977 to be a central repository for the Synod’s historical records. The Wesley Hobart Museum was established in 1927 as a memorial to the departed trustees.



We offer a range of grants to individuals, congregations, Presbyteries and affiliated agencies. There are three categories of grants: educational, annual and financial and all have specific qualifying criteria, processes and requirements.

Donations & bequests

Gift, Bequests and Donations

Bequests are critical to the work we do, helping us with education, social justice, community support and continuing our faith and mission. After providing for your family, a bequest is a special way of ensuring the mission of the Church is sustained.