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24 resources to assist with Zoom Meetings

As churches dive into digital ministry as a necessity amidst a global pandemic, Zoom meetings have become a critical tool.

Here at UCAYouth, we want to help, so we’ve curated 24 resources to help you learn how to use Zoom meetings and maximise the potential.


Zoom’s ‘How To’ Youtube Playlist (41 videos, 115 mins)

‘Ultimate Beginner’s Guide’ (23 mins)

The Church Media Guys ‘Getting Started’ (19 mins)

Dusty Porter’s ‘Zoom Users Guide’ (20 mins)

George Kao’s ‘How to use Zoom & Breakout Groups) (33 mins)

How to use Zoom as a Participant (4 mins)

Using Zoom Whiteboard (3 mins)

Teacher’s Tech ‘Teach Online with Zoom’ (11 mins)

How to Use Zoom on iDevices (6 mins)

How to download & install Zoom (3 mins)

Zoom ‘How To’ Playlist – KOREAN (3 videos, 64 mins)

ZOOMtopia 2018 – 10 Zoom tips & tricks you may not know (46 mins)

Zoom audio best practices (14 mins)

How to look good on Zoom Meetings (9 mins)

Handy Links

Zoom’s Help Centre

Zoom’s Covid-19 Resource Centre

10 tips & tricks for Zoom

15 Advanced Zoom tips

Owl Lab’s Comprehensive Guide

Step-by-Step Guides


Context Institute

Kelly Skilton’s Guide

Zoom Meeting Participant Guide

Just for Laughs

Zoom Meeting IRL



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