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Dealing with disillusionment

Melanie J Saward’s latest book is particularly timely, as we deal with a sense of disillusionment exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dealing with disillusionment

Melanie J Saward's latest book is particularly timely, as we deal with a sense of disillusionment exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Turn the page on opportunity

The humble street library gives retired UC Minister John Evans plenty to be grateful for during our pandemic lockdown.

Recognising God’s guidance

As we face an uncertain future, retired minister Malcolm Dunjey says seeking direction from God is more important than ever.

No scorecard for success

"Caring is not a competition and when we slip into competing, this is a sure sign that we are not anchored in Christ", says Richmond UC Minister Sally Douglas.

Ways we can cope with grief

Human connection and honesty are important when dealing with grief, says clinical counsellor and Uniting Church member Vivienne Mountain.

Giving birth to blessings

In the era of COVID-19, Minister Jennie Gordon says our task is how to live when our expectations are sometimes challenged.

Life in the COVID-19 bubble

Two weeks in hotel quarantine in Far North Queensland gave Synod communications officer Andrew Humphries plenty of time to ponder the role of faith in the era of COVID-19.

Climate is right for change

As Christians, we are called by God to work towards mitigating climate change as a matter of faith, says Moderator Denise Liersch.

What the label says about us

Who we are as the Uniting Church, and what that 'label' means for us, is worth considering, writes retired Minister John Evans.

Find contentment in lockdown

Even amid the stress and worry of lockdown, there is a great deal to be thankful for, says retired Uniting Church Minister John Evans.

Pandemic forces us to rethink connection

The impact of COVID-19 throughout Australia and the world means we need to reconsider how we connect with each other.

Question of faith and vaccines

Gippsland Minister Rev Jennie Gordon has written a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, article around the need for vaccinations as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc throughout the world. “History has shown us that vaccination works,” Jennie says.

It’s time to make faith count

Tuesday, August 10 marks Australia's official 2021 Census night and Uniting Church members are encouraged to fill in the question relating specifically to their religion.

It’s faith that unites us all

As the Uniting Church celebrated its 44th anniversary recently, Moderator Denise Liersch reflects on what can be achieved when we come together with a common purpose.

Prayer needs to reflect diversity

Rev Alistair Macrae argues that it is no longer appropriate to open sessions of the Victorian Parliament with a recitation of the Lord's Prayer.

Risen Christ guides us on our journey

Ahead of Easter Day, Moderator Denise Liersch invites us to experience the life of the risen Christ and celebrate the limitless possibilities of life in God.

Focus is on assisting faith communities

As the Uniting Church's structures and responsibilities change over time, it's important to adapt and explore the opportunities presented.

New year brings the hope of renewal

A new year and all it brings allows us to work together as one and embrace the Spirit of God.

Why I am returning my Australia Day award

Uniting Church minister Alistair Macrae is returning his 2017 Australia Day honour in protest over the upgrading of an award to tennis great Margaret Court, despite her controversial anti-LGBTI comments.

You learn something new every day

Head of Pilgrim Theological College, Sean Winter talks about his role and what the college offers to students.

Let’s let God’s love flower

Gardening teaches us a lot about God’s love and how spiritual growth can flower, writes Rev Rose Broadstock.

Christmas spirit brings out the best in us

The spirit of Christmas, and all the joy that it brings, has the ability to bring out the very best in people, says retired Hobart minister Rev Dr Bob Faser.

Carol touches on the hope of Christmas

“In Advent, we hear the cries of the prophets, and are invited to join in their hopes for a world restored,” Denise Liersch says.

On the way home

"Blessings on the homes who welcome family and friends as Christmas draws near. May the work to get ready be a labour of love and may the greeting meet and exceed expectations of joy."

Why we should embrace the advantages of virtual worship

Our traditional understandings of worship are being challenged, but that doesn’t mean we should be wary of them. These conversations are necessary for the church to move forward.

How can we keep Holy Communion COVID-19 safe?

With the support of Synod's Crisis Management Team, Rev Dr Sally Douglas has put together some thoughts on keeping Holy Communion COVID-19 safe

What I’ve learned from leading funerals during COVID-19

"This has no doubt been a difficult time, but I am continually reminded of the importance of being present in whatever way possible, as well as the power of words of scripture.”

Why we should prioritise prayer practice

"We are doing ourselves, and one another, a disservice when we do not create spaces to safely discuss prayer, to experiment with prayer practices, to fall over, to learn and to be supported."

Why we should seek happiness through helping others

"Jesus encourages us to find our way through difficult times by turning our focus to others around us, knowing we are part of a community, turning our hearts and love toward each other."

What has COVID-19 taught us about connection?

"The constant surprise is finding God is at work sparking off new shoots of growth and opening up new possibilities, sometimes in ways we may have been resisting for years.”

How can youth ministry spark joy?

"If our ministries with young people embrace the opportunities joy presents, it must be reflected within the life of our wider church."

Hiroshima memorial reminds us to work for peace

Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing is a time to remember that aggression met by aggression, and violence met by violence leads only to suffering.

Trump’s photo op with church and Bible was offensive, but not new

"Trump held the Bible like a baby holding a spoon for the first time – unsure which end is which – but the real problem was the complete disconnection between the text in his hand and the force, both verbally threatened and actually used, to clear the way for his stunt."

Why going back ‘to normal’ isn’t good enough

This is a time of invitation, to be caught up into the deep desire of God for a world of mercy, justice and peace, writes Moderator Denise Liersch.

George Floyd and the Good Samaritan

Would you have intervened to stop the police officer from fatally kneeling on the neck of George Floyd? Sometimes whether someone continues to breathe or not depends on us, writes Rev Swee Ann Koh.

Can I get a witness? Violence, racism and Christian response

Recent stories of horrific acts have highlighted that witnessing is not just proclaiming the Good News, but testifying to or naming of injustice. “We have for too long tolerated the unfair treatment of those who are non-white.”

What defines authentic worship?

How do we ensure what we are calling worship is actually worship? Are certain elements needed? Must everyone participate or can some just watch? Rev Claire Dawe explores this dilemma.

Is it OK to have Holy Communion online?

Absence makes the heart grow tender in these days of social isolation. And it also prompts the question: Is it OK to have Holy Communion online? Rev Dr Sally Douglas shares her thoughts.

Now I understand what Lent is all about

Ellaine Downie has always resisted participating in the spiritually nourishing sacrifices that precede Easter. But this year is different. “Unwillingly, I am experiencing what the disciples must have felt,” she says.

What does trusting yourself to God look like right now?

St Andrew’s Gardiner UC minister Rev Ajub Jahja reflects on the function of faith during this pandemic. “Faith is important, but so is reason,” he says.

Dear parents, I’m sorry

Intergenerational Ministry Coordinator Bradon French reflects on how church youth groups have failed to help parents form faith in their teenagers and children.

Sex, sin, shame and the virgin birth

"There is no suggestion in the biblical text that consensual sex is anything other than a gift from God."

Why the Bible welcomes a gender spectrum

"We cannot simply pull a sentence or two from the Bible as if it offers the final word on sex and gender."

Jesus as a newborn baby opens us up to God’s love

"In the face of a tiny innocent child in need of love and protection, our own disagreements, grudges, harboured hurts and disappointments can seem petty."

Why we must reject consumerist culture

"Rejecting consumerist culture – with its accouterments of accumulating, achieving and being seen and liked – may be the work of a lifetime. But it is worth it."

Why we must look after our environment

"We’re all interconnected. Even small changes can have big effects on other parts of the ecosystem. Tiny things can play an important role in keeping the system healthy."
Israel Falou

Why we should shun Folau’s fear-based theology

"A UCA approach to the Bible asks us to do the harder work of interpretation through an awareness of history and culture, as well as with love and compassion. We do not proof text nor scare people into faith."

International Youth Day and unleashing unlimited potential

"I hope that we might honour International Youth Day by acknowledging the place and potential of young people around the world and around the corner."