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People & Culture

Welcome to People & Culture, offering a range of helpful tools and information about employment in the Uniting Church, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

Our vision and mission principles

Following Christ,

walking together

as First and second Peoples,

seeking community, compassion

and justice for all creation

Our workplace ethos

As an employer, we express the ethos of Christianity to love one another, to live justly and to seek the reconciliation and renewal of all creation by respecting ourselves and all whom we serve and employ.  We strive to do so by:

  • Being inclusive
  • Acting and advocating for a just society
  • Working for peace and justice in the world
  • Having an openness to the wisdom of people of other faiths and views
  • ​Implementing environmentally sustainable practices


Our values

Our workplace values:


  • Welcomes people speaking for themselves and on behalf of others
  • Hears all voices and contributions
  • Actively removes discrimination
  • Actively fosters diversity and open communication
  • Welcomes different thoughts, ideas and contributions
  • Acknowledges and values the whole person
  • Seeks to be responsive to people’s needs
Shared Leadership
  • Works collaboratively
  • Shares knowledge
  • Uses consultative decision-making
  • Values all people, roles and contributions
  • Creates an environment where we and our work flourish
  • Does the right thing for the right reasons
  • Acts ethically with appropriate accountability and transparency
  • Aligns policy and practice
  • Expects honesty from all staff, in their relationships with each other,their external partnerships and with society
Wise Stewardship
  • Makes responsible and sustainable use of resources
  • Ensures we have the skills to perform our jobs
  • Provides opportunities for professional development
  • Works collaboratively to utilise our strengths and diverse talents
  • Generates ideas and translates them into workplace improvements
  • Reflects on experience and is open to new ways of doing things
  • Values continuous improvement to our work practices and systems​

More information on our Workplace Ethos and Values can be found here​.

If you have a question, please contact us on 9251 5200.