This page contains a number of videos that draw on lived experiences of faith communities as well as the thoughts of many voices from across the Synod. You may find that the videos offer conversation starters in your own community.

Messy Church

This video celebrates that many Uniting Church communities across our Synod are experiencing new and renewing life through Messy Church. People of many ages and abilities, especially children and their families, are sharing in new life-giving encounters with faith and community. As the video declares, they are becoming ‘fresh expressions of the old truths’.

This is a story that reflects the hope of the Synod’s Strategic Priorities - wherein sparks of the Holy Spirit are discovered, nurtured and, by grace, fanned into flame.

The booklet Understanding the Strategic Priorities (2016-2022) offers further information and exercises to complement this encouraging video story.


Drawing on the lived experience of Deepdene Uniting Church, these three short videos reflect the hope and opportunity that is expressed in the Synod’s three Strategic Priorities.  The videos can be used as ‘conversation starters’ in small groups, or in times of worship, to explore new life and hope, and to hear anew the life-giving call to be the body of Christ – ‘one body, many parts’ (1 Corinthians 12:12).

The booklet Understanding the Strategic Priorities (2016-2022) offers further information and exercises to complement the video conversations.


Deepdene - intercultural community

Korean and English: one body, many parts

Deepdene Uniting Church shares their experiences of deepening intercultural life: breaking down the walls between generations and cultures to live as ‘one body, many parts’.

Deepdene - intercultural leadership (Church Council)

Strengthening shared leadership

Deepdene Uniting Church talks about how they foster shared leadership across cultures, experiencing life together as ‘one family of God’.


Deepdene - Strategic Priorities

Priority areas of new life and hope

Rev David Withers talks about three priority areas in church life where the Synod has discerned the Spirit calling us to new life and hope.

The Moderator (2016 – 2019) introduces the first booklet

Introducing the Vision and Mission Principles is a 16 page booklet containing information and exercises to help focus on God's mission. The booklet invites discussion, provokes questions and gives an intentional focus for discerning the renewing work of the Spirit in our day.

If you would like to download this booklet and the second booklet on the Statements of Intent, visit our Resources section here.

Following, Walking, Seeking

At a March 2017 Synod of Victoria and Tasmania gathering, we asked attendees what church is, and what they see as the church's future.