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​​Criminal History Checks

The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania (the Synod) has responsibility for a broad range of high trust activities and therefore requires a satisfactory National Criminal History Check for all staff members prior to commencement of employment and as requested from time to time.


Please follow the steps below to complete your application online:

NOTE:  You are required to send four identity documents:

One Commencement of Identity in Australia document (typically a current Australia Passport, Australian Birth Certificate or Visa to work in Australia)
One Primary Use in the Community document (typically a driver’s licence)
Two Secondary Use in the Community documents (such as a medicare card, bank card, WWCC or Student ID).

  1. Go to crimcheck.org.au/check/unitingchurchvt
  2. Complete the online form, identifying whether the check is for a volunteer or paid staff member.
  3. Select the four ID documents you will provide from the list.
  4. Once you have completed the form you will receive an email from Crimcheck with the full details of your check.
  5. Please forward the email and your 4 forms of ID to People&[email protected]
  6. Once your four forms of ID are received by People & Culture, your check will be lodged for processing.
  7. If you have entered an email address, Crimcheck will email you a copy of the check after it has been processed.

VOLUNTEERS: Please show a copy of your check to your manager/supervisor.

Please note: If you can’t complete the application online a hard copy of the application can be requested from People & Culture. Please call (03) 9116 1936 or email People&[email protected]

Processing times

Results are normally returned to the work area or unit manager by email within 5 working days; however turnaround times may vary occasionally.

In the event of an adverse result, applicants will be informed by the Director People & Culture who will confer with the General Secretary.

Cost of checks

Checks are processed on site using a third party provider.  Employee checks are charged at $42.00 and volunteer checks are $23.00.

For congregations: please state payee address details in the email to People & Culture when sending through your ID and an invoice will be forwarded for payment at a later date.

Security of data

All records relating to Criminal History Checks are securely maintained and access is restricted to authorised staff only.

Further information

Please refer to the National Criminal History Check Policy or contact People & Culture on (03) 9116 1936.


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