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Occupational Health & Safety

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Welcome to the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Occupational Health ​and Safety home page.

Occupational Health and Safe​ty (OH&S) is:

  • The prevention of injury and illness in the workplace (including psychological illness);
  • The promotion of wellness in the workplace.

In the past it was thought that OH&S only related to paid employees and to workplaces such as fa​​ctories. Legislation and social expectations have moved OH&S from the factory floor to reflect the modern workplace and workplace arrangements.

The duty of care to volunteers, contractors and the general public is exactly the same as what is required for paid employees.

It is easy to think of the Synod Office or the local Uniting Care facility as a workplace. Church facilities and worship centres are also workplaces as paid employees work from these buildings.

Members of congregations often volunteer and undertake tasks within the programs of the church and members of the public attend church services and programs run by congregations. In all instances OH&S is required both legally and ethically to be considered and to become an integrated part of all that we do within the Uniting Church.

There is a good reason to be safe — our families depend on us.

This website is to be used as a tool in the process of integrating OH&S into the life of the Uniting Church.​


Contact us

Elnura Dulakovic
Synod Safety Officer
t (03) 9116 1949 | m 0416 319 162
e  Elnura.Dulakovic@victas.uca.org.au

Jose Pires
Synod Officer
t  (03) 9113 5081 | m  0407 759 996
e jpires@unitingagewell.org

Safety Team Group Email
OHS@unitingagewell.​​org ​

Synod Safety Team Group Email


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