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Synod Meeting

Synod 2022 is coming

The next Synod meeting will commence on Thursday, June 30, 2022 when Moderator-elect David Fotheringham will be installed as our Moderator for the next three years.

The Synod meeting will then continue from Friday, July 1 until Sunday, July 3, in what is being planned as an in-person gathering, albeit with a reduced agenda to previous meetings.

The Synod meets approximately every 18 months to receive reports, discern proposals, and discuss matters that concern the general oversight, direction and life of the Church.

Synod 2021 was held as a virtual meeting earlier this year and the condensed timeframe meant the Service Of Tributes was not able to take place at that time.  A virtual Service of Tributes was held on Saturday, November 20. This important event recognises the significance of ordained ministry in the life of the Church, and includes an Act of Thanksgiving for the life and witness of those Ministers who have died since the 2019 Synod. The service also honours and acknowledges Ministers who have:

  • been ordained, retired or been received from other denominations since the preceding Synod meeting (2019).
  • celebrated 50, 60, 65 and 70 years since ordination or commissioning.

Rev Pam Kerr responded on behalf of the Ministers and offered a reflection on ordained ministry in the life of the Church.

The Service Of Tributes was livestreamed from Wesley Place Chapel on Saturday, November 20 at 2pm. You can watch a video of the full Service of Tributes here.


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