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Synod Meeting

The Synod meets about every 18 months to hear reports, proposals and other matters that concern the general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s life.

It’s not all boring business, however. There is plenty of worship and small group activities to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.

About 300 members attend – all of whom are appointed by our presbyteries – and we ensure there is a healthy mix of gender, ordained and lay people.

The four-day event is also an opportunity for you to have a voice in the way our ministry is carried out. If you would like to participate, contact someone in your congregation or presbytery for more information. Deadlines close on 30 April 2019.

The next meeting is on 5-9 July 2019, at Box Hill Town Hall and will include the induction of our new Moderator, Rev Denise Liersch.

Opening worship of the Synod meeting will commence 7.30pm at St Michael’s Uniting Church, corner Russell and Collins St. Thereafter, supper will be enjoyed at The Scot’s Church, 156 Collins St.


Download the app

Stay up to date by downloading the special Synod app. Simply download the “AtendeeHub” app, then write “Synod 2019” and follow the prompts.

Using app is the easiest and most convenient way to keep abreast of all that is happening at Synod 2019 – it includes timelines, reports and proposals, plus ways to network and reach out to people.

You can also access the app on your computer. Simply go to


Why nominate to attend Synod?

It is important that the attendees at Synod are reflective of the membership of the church including young people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Synod meeting is a time for your collective voices to be heard by the whole church and for you to help shape the future of your church.

What to expect at Synod.

The Synod of Queensland recently produced a video for Young Adults about to attend their first Synod meeting. If you are considering nominating to attend your first Synod, this video will tell you what you can expect.


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If you would like to nominate to attend Synod 2019, speak to your minister or Presbytery secretary.
Younger people can also contact Bradon French or Robin Yang if you would like more information or advice.​


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