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Synod Meeting

About the meeting

This year’s meeting is at Box Hill Town Hall, from 6-9 July. The Synod meets about every 18 months to hear reports, proposals and other matters that concern the general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s life.

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Daily recaps will be posted to this page and the Synod app.


Download the app

Stay up to date by downloading the special Synod app. Simply download the “AtendeeHub” app, then write “Synod 2019” and follow the prompts.

Using app is the easiest and most convenient way to keep abreast of all that is happening at Synod 2019 – it includes timelines, reports and proposals, plus ways to network and reach out to people.

You can also access the app on your computer. Simply go to


Synod 2019 - Day4

Synod day four – recap

Today’s major order of business was to decide on the response to the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation.
Synod2019 - Day3

Synod day three – recap

Day 3 included Agency and Assembly reports, NAIDOC Week presentations and the adoption of a Statement of the Heart.
Synod2019 - Day2

Synod day two – recap

The day began with a Bible study led by Dr Liz Boase, which was followed by reports from Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Victoria, UAICC Tasmania, Walking Together Group and Synod Ethics Committee.

Synod day one – recap

Day 1 of Synod kicked off with a welcome by new Moderator Rev Denise Liersch. What followed was a mix of reports, proposals, Bible study, reflections and other activities, such as Choose Your Own Adventure.
New Moderator calls on Church to explore new ways of worship

New Moderator calls on Church to explore new ways of worship

Denise Liersch says “don’t cling to the status quo … look for where the Spirit of God is at work in unexpected places and ways”.


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