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Synod Meeting

The Synod meets approximately every 18 months to hear reports, discern proposals, and discuss matters that concern the general oversight, direction and administration of the life of the Church.

Originally scheduled for November 2020, due to the impacts of COVID-19 it was decided that the Synod meeting be deferred until February 2021 and to be held as a virtual (online) meeting from February 26-February 28.

Rather than a challenge, the Synod Business Committee invited the Church to see the opportunities which this new way of meeting presented and to view Synod 2021 is an opportunity to gather together the breadth of today’s Church.

The entire Synod 2021 meeting was broadcast live for members of the wider church.  

You can watch the recordings of all broadcast sessions, including the Synod Worship Service here

The Indicative Session Program (below) provides an overview of what was covered in each session.

Daily written summaries of Synod 2021 can also be found on Crosslight Online

The next Synod Meeting is scheduled to be held in mid-2022.


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