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Synod Meeting

About the meeting

The Synod meets approximately every 18 months to hear reports, discern proposals, and discuss matters that concern the general oversight, direction and administration of the life of the Church. 

Due to potential restrictions that are likely to be caused by COVID-19 impacts over the months ahead, the Synod meeting has been deferred until February 2021 and will be held as a virtual (online only) meeting, over a shorter period than usual.

Rather than a challenge, the Synod Business Committee invites the Church to see the opportunities which this new way of meeting presents.

People from across the Church are invited to consider nominating people who may not normally be able to attend a 5-day in-person meeting, but could attend a three-day virtual meeting (meeting c. 5 hours each day, in a few blocks of time), eg:

  • people whose family, study or work commitments make it difficult to commit to a 5-day meeting;
  • people who are starting to explore the life of the wider Church, and may be able to give three days to this meeting;
  • people from backgrounds reflecting the Synod’s strategic priorities and commitments, eg: those interested in new and renewing ministries; younger people and people under 50 years old; people from non-anglo cultural backgrounds, First Peoples.

Contact your Presbytery about nominating processes for yourself or others.

Synod 2021 is an opportunity to gather together the breadth of today’s Church.

The Synod meeting will run from Friday 26 February to Sunday 28 February 2021.

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