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Act2 and our future

By Kelly Skilton

If you have not heard what the Act2 Project is about, feel free to click on the links below:
What and Why is it called Act2
Act2 Project Information
Act2 Project Plan

Hopefully these links have helped you catch up to where we are in the project timeline – the discernment phase. During this time we get to consider specific ideas and possible directions to go.

There are fortnightly opportunities to ‘drop in’ to specific workstreams that focus on directions for local communities of faith and discipleship, and options for our governance and resourcing.

There are also sessions available that address areas of specific focus, like community outreach, chaplaincy, specified age ministries, experimental communities, and church communities of varying size and expression.  There are twelve different focus groups running and we are all invited to participate in these discussions, however, I want to particularly highlight the discussions that are connected with digital communities:
Focus Group 8 – Online Communities or communities with effective online ministries. This discussion is being facilitated on Thursday September 28, at 7:30pm AEST.
Focus Group 12 – Church plants and experimental communities. This discussion is being facilitated on Thursday October 5, at 7:30pm AEDT.

If you are interested in any of the conversations, it is important that you register.

If you have any more queries, the Act2 team is the place to go: [email protected]

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