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Calm Down

During the great Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020, UCAYouth partnered with Pulse to produce a weekly live chat show, chatting with amazing guests and exploring how people were making sense of their experience and taking care of themselves. The show quickly became an Internet sensation. You can view all previous episodes via the YouTube links below.

BONUS – Q&A with Trent Cucchiarelli (from LEGOMasters 2020) – Watch

E10 Reunion Show with Sam Mac, Wil Anderson & Accordian Hans – Watch

E09 with Joel McKerrow, Tegan Higginbotham & Scott Darlow – Watch

E08 with Julia Morris, Sammy J & Three Girls and a Beard – Watch

E07 with Yvie Jones, Mark Humphries & The AcaronaPella Choir – Watch

E06 with Joh Griggs, Dave Hughes & The Amicables – Watch

E05 with Ash London, Merrick Watts & Gorgi Coghlan – Watch

E04 with Gretel Killeen & David Campbell – Watch

E03 with Grant Norsworthy & Eddie Perfect – Watch

E02 with Rev Julian Hamilton & Rachel Collis – Watch

Pilot with Rev Carlynne Nunn & Tash Holmes – Watch

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