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Congratulations – you’re a youth pastor!

Attended a baptism?

Celebrated a confirmation?

Congratulations, you’re a youth pastor. Let’s get to work.

Rather than outsource the spiritual formation of young people to certain individuals, whether they be employed or volunteer, the Uniting Church wisely instructs all members to act as youth pastors for the young people in our midst. We affirm this commitment every time we celebrate the sacrament of baptism and confirmation.

The worship leader asks – Friends in Christ (thats you), will you promise to maintain a life of worship and teaching, witness and service, so that they may grow to maturity in Christ?

      The people say together:

With God’s help we will live out our Baptism as a loving community in Christ; nurturing one another in faith, upholding one another in prayer, and encouraging one another in service, until Christ comes.

Welcome to the team. You have a really important role to play.

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