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Come and learn a lot more about the world church – especially if your congregation/community is cross-cultural. How do the challenges and joys of local church life compare with those in Asia and Africa?

This unit is a great opportunity to explore the radically diverse ways the Body of Christ expresses herself.

As part of this unit, we look at the character and history of minority ancient Christian communities, the 20th century emergence of churches in the global south, and the post-Christendom realities faced by churches in lands marked by “Western culture”. We also explore the roots of the church in the ministry of risen Jesus Christ and the sending of the Spirit. Attention will be given to the classical marks of the church as well as to the particular marks noted by the Reformers.

Consider enrolling (as a full or audit) student with a colleague or two and then forming a Peer Learning Group to reflect on your learnings in the light of ministry practice. There are Continuing Education grants to assist with auditing costs and to support a Peer Learning Group.

For more Peer Learning Group information, contact Fran Barber at RevFran.Barber@victas.uca.org.au

To enrol, contact Erlinda Loverseed, Registrar of Pilgrim Theological College on (03) 9340 8892 or at erlinda.loverseed@pilgrim.edu.au

This unit runs every Tuesday morning of Semester One.

To download the unit flyer, click here.