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Fun times with Kahoot!

By Kelly Skilton

There is more to the digital world then sharing information into the ether. There are many ways we can connect with each other, build communities and help learn more about who we are, who others are and who God is.

Through the ‘Connecting with Community Series’ I hope to introduce you to a range of digital mediums that people are using to share stories and build community. It might even entice you to try something new, or even remind you of a program or platform that you might have forgotten.

In this entry, I want to introduce you to Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an interactive learning and quiz game that is typically played on a computer or mobile device. It is a game that allows multiple people to participate in answering a series of questions – you can even set it up to compete against each other for extra fun. It can be played in a classroom, at events, or even can be sent out as a link for people to participate in their own time.

The game is usually facilitated by a host who asks the questions that they have prepared beforehand. These questions can be on any topic, and are usually multiple-choice options to choose from.

In a traditional setting without technology enabling Kahoot!, like at a trivia night, the host would read out the questions and the possible answers aloud to the participants.

The participants would then indicate their chosen answer by raising their hand, verbally stating it, or even writing it down on a piece of paper. The host would keep track of the answers provided by each participant, and once everyone has provided their answers the host would reveal the correct answers for each question.

Those who answered correctly would receive points and after several rounds of questions, the participant with the highest score would be declared a winner. You even have the option of playing as teams.

Kahoot! works in the exact same way and is designed to make learning more engaging and interactive. It is because of this interactive feature that it can help people to share, learn and connect with one another in a different way.

So if it works in the same way, how is Kahoot! different?

Rather than the host only sharing the questions and possible answers verbally, Kahoot! also shares these on a screen and has a countdown running for people to see. Each participant, or team, will have access to their own device (like a mobile phone, tablet, or even another computer) for them to use as their own controller. When the time comes for them to give their answer, the options will display on their screen for them to choose from. The program will reveal the correct answer, as well as keep track of the answers provided so it can tally up the scores from each round so it can share the winner at the end.

There are many scenarios that Kahoot! can be played in, such as:
1. On a big screen where people/teams each have access to a device and can watch along together.
2. On Zoom, where you can share the ‘sharescreen’ main window, and people can each use another window on their device to play along together.
3. Prepare a quiz and then send around a link for people to participate in their own time.

So perhaps you want to give it a go?
Here is a link where you can learn more about me, Kelly.

If you are excited about the possibilities (like storytelling, trivia nights, Bible knowledge games, etc.) then click here for a step-by-step video in creating a Kahoot! quiz.

Good luck and have fun.

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