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Holistic digital practices

By Kelly Skilton

When reading The Gospel reading from the RCL this week, I was left with the question, ‘How are you to give to God what belongs to God in the digital world?’

Often people are so easy to lump technology in with the ‘worldly’ items, and sometimes people either classify them as a distraction or ‘a wrong way’ to connect with God. However, I have had a completely different experience.

The digital world gives us the opportunity to connect with what God is doing all over the globe, as well as giving opportunity for God to dwell with us through each keystroke we type. Whether it is writing a sermon or faith reflection; caring for another via a phone call; playing games and being in community with one another; updating our social media status to share things we enjoy or how we’re feeling – I find the real question is not whether God is present in our digital interactions, but rather what does it mean to engage in holistic digital practices?

I am hoping to contribute some holistic key practices to the digital world, however, this is something I would love to have wider collaboration with.

If you have any thoughts around this topic, please get in contact with me.

Some prompts that may help guide your thoughts:

  • What do you consider a holistic practice?
  • Have you ever had an experience in the digital world that has brought you closer to God?
  • Have you noticed any practices that the younger generation engages with online?
  • Are there things missing that stops you from being able to digitally engage with God?




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