Spice Training 06 – What is the Bible (Bible Studies part 3)

We ask Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker, biblical scholar and theologian, ‘what is the bible?’ Robyn is a lecturer at Pilgrim Theological College.

This is our third video in our Bible Studies series. The next steps resources are listed below the video.


Robyn suggests the following five super-helpful questions for anyone studying biblical passages:

  1. What in the text “gets” you? (inspires, troubles, thrills, haunts, gladdens, grabs your attention)
  2. Why does it “get” you? (This a chance for personal reflection. Why is it connecting with you?)
  3. From this moment in the text that gets you, what do you know about God? What does the text reveal about God?
  4. Why does your community need to hear this today?
  5. What do you hope these words will do?

You might also enjoy reading Matt Laidlaw’s How We Read The Bible

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