Uniting Church in Australia and Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress statement on the referendum result.

‘As the Church believes God guided it into union, so it believes that God is calling it to continually seek a renewal of its life as a community of First Peoples and of Second Peoples from many lands.’


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Donations & bequests


Bequests are critical to the work we do, helping us with education, social justice, community support and continuing our faith and mission.  After providing for your family, a bequest is a special way of ensuring the mission of the Church is sustained.


Money For Mission

Congregations are invited to consider a way to generate ongoing income streams to fund their mission and also resource the wider Church’s missional endeavours.

Intercultural Communities & Leadership

Intercultural Communities

The connection between people of different backgrounds enriches us. We have 22 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse congregations and worship in 14 languages other than English.

UCA Schools

Associated Schools

Our associated schools educate a combined 14,400 students. They provide a learning community that offers young people spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth, and reverence for the environment.

Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring people with disabilities are equal participants in all of our activities. We work with individuals, congregations and presbyteries, and a range of organisations beyond the Synod.

Social Justice

Social Justice

Our Justice and International Mission unit works with congregations and social justice networks to shift and shape public policy towards a fair and just world. It provides regular opportunities for you to be an active voice for justice in the wider community.

U Ethical

U Ethical

We are an ethical funds manager which grants most of its operating surplus to social justice advocacy and community programs. Formerly known as UCA Funds Management, U Ethical is an autonomous social enterprise of the UCA.

Uniting AgeWell

Uniting AgeWell

Our specialised aged care services include residential care, home care, allied health and therapy services, carer support and respite services, social support, transitional care and independent retirement living.

Keeping Children Safe

Safe Church

We are committed to providing safe environments where children are cared for, respected, nurtured and sustained. We have zero tolerance of all forms of child abuse and will do all in our power to safeguard children from it.

Pilgrim Theological College

Pilgrim Theological College

We offer the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry. It is one of many colleges that form part of the University of Divinity in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.



Our community services organisation works across Victoria and Tasmania, partnering with people to build their capacity and confidence so they can look forward to a brighter, healthier and happier future.


Younger Generations

We assist young people form and develop their faith and have a positive impact on their community. We do this by consulting, advocating, resourcing and training leaders, congregations and presbyteries.

Synod 2023 day four recap

Synod 2023 has come to a close today, following four days of discussion around important issues facing the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.

Synod 2023 day three recap

Adopting a health-based approach to drug use, and supporting the concept of secure work were proposals adopted today on day three of Synod 2023.

Synod 2023 day two recap

The announcement of Rev Salesi Faupula as Moderator-elect, a Tributes Service, a number of proposals, and the opportunity for members to explore a range of issues were all part of day two of Synod 2023.

Volunteers make a difference

Uniting AgeWell volunteers are proving the old adage that it's as much fun to give as it is to receive.

A week in the life of …

Minister and co-ordinator Rev Natalie Dixon-Monu outlines what happens during a hectic week at Boroondara Community Outreach in Kew.

Back to the future

In less than 12 months, the Uniting Church Assembly will meet to make a number of vitally important decisions, arising from the Act2 Project, aimed at ensuring the Church’s sustainability for many years to come.

Write stuff for academics

Pilgrim Theological College academics Rev Dr Sally Douglas and Rev Associate Professor Robyn Whitaker discuss their respective books published earlier this year.

History at her fingertips

Wesley Hobart Museum offers a wonderful slice of Tasmania's history, and co-ordinator Rev Karen Woolford is in the perfect place to appreciate it all.

Our faithful servant retires

Associate General Secretary Isabel Thomas Dobson, who will retire on September 30, reflects on a long and distinguished period of service with the Uniting Church in Tasmania and Victoria.

Spotlight on gender fluidity

Retired academic Ross Mouer poses some questions around the issues of sexuality and gender identification in the Bible.

When science meets faith

Rev Associate Professor Geoff Thompson replies to Rev Bob Thomas, who has suggested that resurrection is synonymous with new creation.

Nick Cave and the church

Attending a recent Nick Cave concert had Richmond Uniting Church Minister Sally Douglas contemplating the nature of religious experiences.

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