Financial program offers a cents of purpose

By Mikaela.Turner / December 18, 2020

A new initiative is using underutilised assets to fund mission and ministry and future-proof congregations.

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Deadly fight for rights in the Philippines

By Mikaela.Turner / December 17, 2020

A call for action has been issued as ongoing human rights abuses continue to be a stain on democracy in the Philippines.

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Ethical gift guide: how to make your present go a little further

By Mikaela.Turner / November 26, 2020

Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing better than the gift of giving during this special time of year. Even better, your gift for that special person can help others less fortunate. Here are some suggestions for a gift that goes a little further.

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Comparing Victoria and Tasmania’s different pandemic experiences

By Mikaela.Turner / October 12, 2020

Little separates Victoria and Tasmania geographically, but thanks to the pandemic they have been worlds apart for most of this year.

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