Robyn Whitaker is a Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Pilgrim Theological College. She is interested in apocalypticism, gender and contemporary uses of the Bible.

Trump’s photo op with church and Bible was offensive, but not new

By Robyn Whitaker / June 5, 2020

“Trump held the Bible like a baby holding a spoon for the first time – unsure which end is which – but the real problem was the complete disconnection between the text in his hand and the force, both verbally threatened and actually used, to clear the way for his stunt.”

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Can I get a witness? Violence, racism and Christian response

By Robyn Whitaker / May 28, 2020

Recent stories of horrific acts have highlighted that witnessing is not just proclaiming the Good News, but testifying to or naming of injustice. “We have for too long tolerated the unfair treatment of those who are non-white.”

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Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus

By Robyn Whitaker / March 23, 2020

“In this time of great anxiety, faith leaders have a responsibility to step up with words of comfort and compassion, drawing on the depths of their sacred traditions and texts.”

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Sex, sin, shame and the virgin birth

By Robyn Whitaker / December 24, 2019

“There is no suggestion in the biblical text that consensual sex is anything other than a gift from God.”

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Why the Bible welcomes a gender spectrum

By Robyn Whitaker / December 17, 2019

“We cannot simply pull a sentence or two from the Bible as if it offers the final word on sex and gender.”

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Israel Falou

Why we should shun Folau’s fear-based theology

By Robyn Whitaker / August 13, 2019

“A UCA approach to the Bible asks us to do the harder work of interpretation through an awareness of history and culture, as well as with love and compassion. We do not proof text nor scare people into faith.”

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Heaven is more than where we go in death

By Robyn Whitaker / April 24, 2019

“In the Christian tradition, heaven and paradise have been conflated as an answer to the question ‘where do I go when I die?’ Yet originally they were more about where God lived, than about us or our ultimate destination.”

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What is hell exactly?

By Robyn Whitaker / February 24, 2019

“The afterlife is rarely related to correct belief but is rather about one’s actions and behaviour. Vivid descriptions of “hell” emerge within the Bible and in early Christianity as a means of moral formation designed to persuade people to act ethically.”

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