Rev Dr Sally Douglas is a Uniting Church Minister, biblical scholar and theologian. She is an Associate Lecturer at Pilgrim Theological College and Minister with an inner city congregation. Sally is passionate about creating space for people to investigate and wrestle with the biblical text, theology and the implications of these in life and faith.

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How can we keep Holy Communion COVID-19 safe?

By Sally Douglas / November 19, 2020

With the support of Synod’s Crisis Management Team, Rev Dr Sally Douglas has put together some thoughts on keeping Holy Communion COVID-19 safe

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Why we should prioritise prayer practice

By Sally Douglas / October 20, 2020

“We are doing ourselves, and one another, a disservice when we do not create spaces to safely discuss prayer, to experiment with prayer practices, to fall over, to learn and to be supported.”

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Is it OK to have Holy Communion online?

By Sally Douglas / April 20, 2020

Absence makes the heart grow tender in these days of social isolation. And it also prompts the question: Is it OK to have Holy Communion online? Rev Dr Sally Douglas shares her thoughts.

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Why we must reject consumerist culture

By Sally Douglas / October 9, 2019

“Rejecting consumerist culture – with its accouterments of accumulating, achieving and being seen and liked – may be the work of a lifetime. But it is worth it.”

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It’s time we talked about suffering. It won’t be painful

It’s time we talked about suffering. It won’t be painful

By Sally Douglas / July 31, 2019

“In a culture that is terrified of suffering … our theology is a radical and disruptive word of hope that is desperately needed.”

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Write of Passage: Rev Sally Douglas

By Sally Douglas / June 8, 2019

“We can experience moments of great insight and clarity in our ongoing relationship with Holy One – Sacred Three and then we forget. The clarity fades, or we freak out, and we return to our old habits of thinking, or patterns of behaving.”

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