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Bible Study resources for youth groups under lockdown

It feels most aspects of our society have shifted in the past few days, with more change likely. Here at UCAYouth, we’re attempted to help your church community ride the wave (check out our posts at www.ucayouth.org.au). Bible studies/home groups will remain an important network for connection and support during this time of physical distancing, however with a bit of effort, there’s no reason we cannot continue to learn and share together. Below are a few options and resources:

Video meeting tools

No doubt you’ve already used these platforms for connection – Zoom, Facebook Messenger, etc. If your group has a facilitator or leader, they can offer some structure and content using these platforms. If you’re sick of Zoom, HouseParty offers face-to-face video chats, with a bunch of fun filters & interactive games.

A Discord discussion

Whilst Discord was originally designed for gamers, it offers an easy, secure option for text and audio conversations in groups. As an example, you could use discord whilst the group watches content from The Bible Project for reflections and Q&A.

Youth Alpha Online

The team at Youth Alpha have created A Complete Guide to Running Alpha Youth Online for how to use their resources for free, online. Youth Alpha is great for those new to the faith, or as a resource for high-school bible study. Work Experience Podcast had a special episode exploring Youth Alpha – listen here

Share your ideas!

We’d love to hear how your community is bridging the physical distances to maintain bible study groups. Get in touch and let us know, and keep an eye on www.ucayouth.org.au for more resources

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