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Free classes to help alleviate stress and anxiety

The physical toll inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic is well documented, but the mental effects are largely unknown.

However, as any mental health professional will tell you, times of anxiety, stress and loneliness impact significantly on people’s mental well-being.

Rev John Tansey, who works with Mental Health Ministries, recognises this and is now offering free mindfulness sessions for anyone who needs help.

The classes, which go for about half an hour and are conducted online via Zoom, began last Friday.

“I would have begun earlier but had to have my internet connection repaired,” John says.

“I have been running mindfulness meditation classes for a few years now as part of my mental health ministry and I saw this as a natural progression.

“People may find it helpful as a part of their day. Sometimes people find it hard to make the time to meditate themselves so having regular, structured sessions may be useful.”

For more information, contact John at [email protected], call 0433 259 146 or download this brochure.

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