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Holy Communion temporary arrangements

The Assembly Standing Committee has approved temporary guidelines for congregations and faith communities to celebrate Holy Communion as part of online worship.

“At this moment, we cannot gather together in our usual ways, because of the restrictions designed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and to keep vulnerable people safe,” President Dr Deidre Palmer said in a Pastoral Letter.

“Following prayer, shared conversation and listening to the Spirit and each other, the ASC has approved online gatherings for worship with Holy Communion in accordance with ASC guidelines.

“The decision whether to offer online Holy Communion in worship will be the responsibility of the Church Council with the Minister.

“There will be Uniting Church congregations and members who choose not to celebrate Holy Communion in this way, but instead choose to wait until they are able to physically meet.

“The new guidelines are a temporary pastoral measure for the period of COVID-19 isolation measures, and will conclude no later than March 2021 or when the Standing Committee advises otherwise.”

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