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Otira Book Club

Books to borrow, share and discuss

The Otira Theological Book Club, situated at the Centre for Theology & Ministry, has available for loan a wide range of books that have been chosen to create fascinating discussions, offer another perspective, enable an opportunity for adult Christian education, and provide a good reason to get together and share in community. The Club acts as a resource for any group that wants to get together and discuss theological books. It costs nothing to join, other than postage to return borrowed books.

Things to note:

  • New books are the ones acknowledged by **NEW**.
  • The book group comments have been provided by you. It is important to note that these are a particular group’s experience of the book and may not necessarily reflect your group’s experience of the same book. They have been included for you as an additional reference when choosing your books. If you have a comment on a book, please feel free to include it when returning the books.
  • Every effort will be made to supply you with the books requested for the time indicated. If the book has been reserved by another group, the book will be made available to you at the next possible time.

So how does the borrowing system work??
One person acts as contact person and accepts the responsibility to:

  • invite a group of people to the club
  • secure their commitment
  • select a title and borrow books (one title at a time or reserve titles for a years’ worth of meetings)
  • distribute books, set up meeting date
  • lead discussion meetings (or delegate this job to another group member)
  • return books by the due date

Does it cost anything to borrow the books??
It does not cost your group anything except for the postage to return the books back to the CTM. Donations are certainly welcome to enable us to continue supplying new titles regularly.
How long do we have the books for??
Normal borrowing time is about 6-8 weeks.
How do we get the books??
Either via mail (Australia Post) or by personal pick up at the CTM. Normally the books will be available to be handed out at the previous meeting, to be read, then discussed & collected at the next meeting.
My group is interested how do I get more information??

Contact us on 03 9340 8800 or info@ctm.uca.edu.au

To reserve multiple titles download this form: 2019 Contact Details (please fill in form) (once filled in you will need to save the form and email to info@ctm.uca.edu.au).
To reserve a single title please send an email using the borrow button.

A download of the list of the 2019 booklist is available here.

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