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Viral Virtual Choir Videos

Now that we’ve survived the pre-Easter flurry, it’s time to take stock. You’ve probably mastered how to deliver your church services, be that live, pre-recorded or other digital options. Congratulations (and if you need need help, check out these practical tips for worship services). You’ve probably experimented with virtual coffee catch-ups with Zoom. Congratulations (and if you still need help, check out Zoom help catalogue).

We all know the next step is to create a viral virtual choir video. Like this one. Or maybe this one. Probably not like this one. By the way, we have no idea how to make this one. Virtual choir videos are a celebration of the human spirit. A way to connect voices together despite physical isolation. A way for your church’s worship to get trending on Twitter.

Eric Whitacre is the guru. Check out his site for examples of virtual choirs when you have time, unlimited resources, phenomenal skills and a large team. We reckon the Virtual Youth Choir is pretty amazing (2,292 young singers from 80 countries). This is his guide to how he made his first virtual choir video.

Below are some different ways to create virtual choir videos. We’ve offered a few options with varying requirements and end-results. Some do cost money, but think how much your church is saving by not purchasing International Roast & Arnotts Family Selection packs. Reinvest the morning tea budget into your digital media budget.


The Acapella App

Check out Mixcord’s Acapella app for iPhones. Free to use, with premium options available through subscription.

Up to 9 users, collaboration opportunities.

Our friend Bradon uses it to make … umm .. these?

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Other Choir Audio Apps

The are plenty of Choir apps, which can help produce an audio track & allow for group participation. Check out ChorusClass or ChoirPlayer.

Pinkzebra templates

Pinkzebra have created resources and a great how-to video using their FREE GarageBand template.

Their focus is on creating a high-quality audio track using GarageBand. Once this is done, you can create visuals using iMovie without the stress of synchronising them.

Screen shot 2020 04 16 at 11.39.02 am

Christopher Bill’s Remarkably Detailed Manifesto

Mr Bill has written up a step-by-step guide to deliver a multi-track virtual choir video. In his words:

“Here, I’ll get you started on the right path if you’re looking to have your students record parts of an ensemble piece for you to put together virtually. Don’t be deterred! You can do this, but you’re about to take on the roles of an arranger, producer, audio engineer, video editor, as well as dealing with logistics and troubleshooting for students. I definitely encourage you to give it a shot, it’s not rocket science, but it will take quite a bit of putzing around on YouTube tutorials and if you’re trying to do a video aspect, a decent computer.”

CB Multitrack Editing 101 (6-page PDF)

A Virtual Choir Tutorial Walkthrough

The team that brought you the follow have graciously produced a tutorial. First, watch this:

A 40-min conversation and guide is available here.

Here is a list of advice and suggestions for software. A few summary notes:

This takes time. You will likely need video editing software which costs $. You can do it!


There are more practical ministry resources available at www.ucayouth.org.au

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