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All you need to know: answers to your frequently asked questions

Judging by the number of queries coming into our offices it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people, congregations, presbyteries and organisations to stay abreast of what is and isn’t permitted.

In a bid to assist you, our Coronavirus Crisis Team has gathered your frequently asked questions and attempted to provide easy answers, saving you from having to pick up a phone or send an email.

The document will be updated weekly, reflecting the rapidly changing nature of the questions we are receiving.

Click here to download the Victorian PDF and click here to download the Tasmanian PDF. Both documents can be printed out.

The Victorian Government has announced places of worship can reopen for religious gatherings and ceremonies of up to 10 people. In Tasmania gatherings can increase to 10 people for indoor and outdoor activities, including small religious gatherings and weddings as of May 18.

The easing of restrictions (June 1 in Vic and June 15 in Tas) means more people will be able to attend gatherings, including worship, but the 4sqm per person rule may mean you still won’t be able to accommodate all attendees.

It is a requirement that signage be displayed showing those maximum numbers.  Our new templates (below) will ensure you remain COVID-compliant.

However, before opening your doors to worship services and other activities, it is vital to consider not only all of the necessary physical requirements but, more importantly, the ministry and mission implications. There are a number of additional factors which every church council should also consider.

We have designed a checklist to assist you in deciding if you are able to be COVID-19 compliant. It should be completed by the church council before making any plans to reopen your doors.


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