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COVID-19 warning for congregations

To ensure the health and wellbeing of Uniting Church members, every Church Council is reminded of their obligations around COVID-19 compliance.

Congregations must strictly follow all COVID requirements when holding any service or function. Those government requirements include, among other things:

Every congregation MUST have a COVID-safe plan in place. It is strongly recommended that a copy be provided to Synod’s Safety Officer.

Every entry to every building MUST have a QR code check-in displayed.

Every person who attends worship services MUST check in (in Victoria there MUST also be a COVID Check-in marshal at every gathering responsible for ensuring compliance).

In Victoria, every staff member and volunteer MUST be FULLY VACCINATED to attend any workplace outside their home, and every workplace (including churches) MUST have a record of the vaccination status of every staff member or volunteer.

Random COVID-Compliance audit inspections are being undertaken by government authorities. You MUST be able to provide evidence of all of the above when asked by any relevant authority.

There are SUBSTANTIAL fines (up to $20,000 each) for every breach and local congregations are responsible for any fines incurred.

If in any doubt about what is required, visit the FAQs on our website, which contains a comprehensive list of considerations for all Church Councils, or contact [email protected]

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  1. David Morgan on January 30, 2022 at 2:41 pm

    What is the definition of a volunteer?
    A large fraction of those attending also volunteer for something. Do we need to collect vaccination certificates for every person on every roster? Or just for those like op-shop volunteers, who are essentially unpaid staff members, who work for many more hours than customers, and get close to many customers. Long exposure and large groups. As opposed to the person on the Bible reading roster who has no more exposure than other members of the congregation. Or those on the bin roster who appear briefly to empty the bins when no one else is in the building.
    The government web site talks about workers & volunteers, implying volunteer workers.
    Do you have any clarification?

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